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13 Replies to “Muslim Students Association pledge of allegiance”

  1. This may not change the leftist or many university students views . They are rarely moved by solid facts or any sane reasoning . I’m really glad though you posted this .

    WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!!!

  2. I’ve read that students in Muslim grade schools K-12) also recite the
    Pledge of Allegiance to Islam every morning before the Pledge to our American Flag. Could this be the same pledge?
    If so, it must be stopped.

  3. This is what the Moslems want all kids to follow, they want to rule the world and are out to destroy everything and everyone that doesn’t agree with them.

  4. I think it is horrible.
    Even in malaysia, those associated nursing organisations which is supposed to be secular tried to forced nonbelievers to pledge some sort o of allegience to their god, which I think it is unethical and unacceptable.

  5. Anybody concerned about this guy’s fantasies about Islam is paranoid. Meanwhile the banksters took trillions from you, BP destroyed the gulf coast, the IRS comes after you with guns if you don’t pay them off, the country’s on the brink of financial armageddon courtesy your government, another study came out linking fluoride to IQ reduction in children that’s fluoride they put in your water btw without your consent, the government is surveilling you without warrants etc etc and you’re circle jerking about a religious fantasist somewhere??

  6. Thank you Mike J , for pointing out that ‘We the people’ have more than one enemy, while our country is being destroyed, jobs being exported by the millions, and we are being taxed into poverty. The radical Islamist threat is a convenient distraction from the many threats we face as a nation.

  7. I’ll say it until people finally understand the Muslim mindset.

    They are not going to pledge allegiance to anything other than the ummah. Everything else comes either second (family, tribe and linguistic group) or a very distant third (nation). It is put into their heads since they can understand words and does not stop until they either are dead or convert.

    Why do we allow this sort of treason to continue?

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