Imam fired for suggesting that evolution may be compatible with koran

This is a more important clip I think, in terms of revealing the nature of Islam, not radical or some kind of extremist Islam. but just the general orthodoxy of the religion than much else we see.

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3 Replies to “Imam fired for suggesting that evolution may be compatible with koran”

  1. The islamic adam is 900 foot long. The picture shows a western painted adam of the normal size. The woman of course is covered up. Now if the giant islamic adam is going about having sex with a normal five foot five or so woman it adds up to a giant/dwarf scenario that is impossible. The only way they could have had sex is for him to masturabe himself and then ask Eve to insert the semen into her vagina that he had cuppped in his hands.

  2. Also muslims do believe in the reverse of evolution or devolution. Rats and pigs were jews. They devolved from being people of the book to animals. Devolution for some humans and creation of humans with a nine hundred foot adam behold! the genius of Islam.

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