MCC urges governments to investigate infiltration of police forces by Islamists

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TORONTO – The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) has expressed concern over the influence of Islamist organizations on Canada’s police and security services. In a statement, the MCC cautioned the federal, provincial and municipal governments, that their multiculturalism and diversity initiatives were being used by advocates of sharia law and Islamism to pursue their own hidden agenda.

The MCC was responding to recent news that a Muslim police officer from Toronto’s Intelligence refused to lay charges against a Muslim woman who had made an “open threat” against the founder of the MCC, Tarek Fatah.

Amna Bakhtiar, General Secretary of the MCC said, “it is quite possible that there were valid reasons not to lay charges against the woman. However, the optics of the Toronto police assigning Muslim officers to investigate threats made by radicals against liberal Muslims and then not charging them, leaves the impression that when it comes to the safety of liberal Muslims the TPS is more interested in multiculturalism rather than to serve and protect.”

Ms. Bahktiar said this is not the first incident of this sort and it is not the only police force in the country that has put multiculturalism ahead of security. She referred to incidents in Ottawa, where the RCMP were more willing to entertain Islamists and apologize for the force’s anti-terrorist operations than to unapologetically send a message that no violation of law will be tolerated, irrespective of one’s background.

The job of the Toronto Police is to “serve and protect,” not conduct exercises in coalition building that empowers the Islamists at the expense of ordinary Muslim Canadians. The responsibility of an individual police officer is to uphold the law and protect citizens who feel threatened, not arbitrarily be judge and jury. “Once you wear a police officer’s uniform, you must leave your race and religion at home,” added Ms. Bakhtiar.

Ms. Bakhtiar said the “open threat” to Tarek Fatah on Twitter is not the first time death threats have been issued against members of the MCC. Former president Farzana Hassan was openly threatened on Twitter and by phone calls, yet the Toronto area police forces have not made any progress in this respect.

The MCC statement said, “We have notified the police a number of times that an allegation of apostasy and blasphemy by Islamists against liberal and secular Muslims is tantamount to a death threat, but because of the influence of organized Islamic groups on the Toronto Police Force, our pleas have fallen on deaf ears.”

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For more information, please call MCC secretary general Amna Bakhtiar at (647) 686-0473

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6 Replies to “MCC urges governments to investigate infiltration of police forces by Islamists”

  1. I do not believe the out come of his complaint would have been any different had the officer not been Muslim. I think the police forces across Canada and virtually all our politicians are intimidated by the Muslims and the native Indians also as far as that goes. (Think reservation cigarettes and Caledonia to start with)

  2. Political correctness has crippled the police of all nations, this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as ignoring crimes of the Moslems goes.

  3. In the 50s, 60s and 70s, people feared infiltration of the police by “godless Communists” and other radicals. Now that Muslims are doing the same today, our response is “its multiculturalism in action”.

    Bullshit it is.

    Muslim police officers will turn blind eyes to crimes committed against non-Muslims by Muslims and will try to enforce sharia law when interpreting the common law.

    This is one way of waging jihad: infiltrate the police, armed forces, essential services and businesses, and government to undermine non-Muslim laws and customs.

    Islam is a formidable opponent, yet the west turns a relatively blind eye to how Muslim leaders are waging war in the dar-al-habr using our weaknesses against us. Nothing in the west is weaker than our pride and multiculturalism is a symptom of that weakness.

    Stop the hajri, stop Muslim immigration. Thats the only way for the free world to survive.

  4. The west is hampered by the left being in control of so much of our news industry, they want to use the Moslems to destroy us so the left can take over. What they ignore is that the Moslems hate them more then they hate us, the public in the west is waking up and ignoring the politicians and news media, this is what is going to save the west.

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