Protests for an against Rep. King

The statistic about 80% of Mosques in the US being ‘radical‘ that the anchor quotes, is actually higher than 80% and is an FBI statistic that Vlad posted a couple of years ago. It also buggers the definition of radical. If that statistic is correct, then I would say the less than 20% that do not preach ‘radical Islam’ are in fact the true radicals and I would check under my car before I started it if I were them for fear of the 80% which I would more accurately describe as orthodox, conservative, or traditional Islam.

For a great post on this as well as the “I am a Muslim too!” event please click on over to the New English Review

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  1. The Moslems are taking a page out of the lefts book, when investigated slime and defame the investigators, what most people don’t know (because it isn’t taught) McCarthy was right about everyone he accused, and the House UnAmerican activities committee showed that the communists were a menace.

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