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3 Replies to “Hezbollah Recruitment Ring Busted Outside Tijuana”

  1. There have been reports of massive Islamist activity in the cocaine growing areas for years, some reports have said that they are taking over some of the growing cartels. This is in line with the Taliban controlling the opium trade from Afghanistan and the Albanian Islamist drug smuggling. I remember reports about how as the US moved into Afghanistan the Taliban tried to start growing poppies in several African countries.

    Back in 2001 and 2002 President Bush tried to tell the world that anyone in the west who used drugs was helping fund the terrorists but the Dems raised so much hell he had to stop. Looks like he is being proven right.

  2. It was inevitable that the world’s number one criminal gang (Islam) would team up with several of the world’s number one drug cartels to help bring down the west and the free world.

    This spells the end of the west as we know it, since the US has not been able to defeat either enemy on any front for quite a while now. And these enemies know it.

    That is why Iran can spout off its nonsense without censure.

    That is why the PA gets more sympathy from the US than Israel, the only working democracy in that part of the world.

    That is why not much will be done should he Muslim Brotherhood get in power in Egypt and Libya.

    We need true leaders in the west, not some PC mamby-pamby idiots who want to compromise with those who would see us destroyed.

    We need leaders of the sort who commanded the Allies in WWII. Men and women with backbone, people who would fight to the end against those things that are utterly opposed to our ethics and values.

    We need the Spirit of 1942 all over again. This time, we fight an ancient enemy who will ally itself with whomever it believes has the upper hand.

    This time we fight against the very ideology that the Crusaders fought against.

  3. In the long run the west will win, but it will take time, the most effective tool in the stopping drug use was the “Just say no” campaign started by Nancy Reagan, the left laughed at it and stopped it once Clinton took office but during the 12 years it was being run drug usage in the US dropped by 50%. As I said when our first drug using President took office he stopped the campaign, if it had been continued through out the 90s and the last decade I doubt if there would be very much drug usage in the US. When the war on drugs was started it was known that the interception of the smugglers and the arrests of the dealers was just stop gap measures, to stop the usage of drugs we had to make it unfashionable. The left won’t let that happen.

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