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5 Replies to “ABC News Promotes Revolution Muslim as America’s First Line of Defense”

  1. It’s no surprise to me the MSM is infested with apologist,butt kissing, hand wringing, guilt ridden leftists. These are the same fools that want us to disarm after every war, and bargain from a position of total weakness. The liberal mind lately is so distorted and out of touch with reality, they think by doing a puff piece news special that they will gain favor with the Islamic world. IMHO even the touchy feeley let’s hug and sing kum-by-ya crowd in the MSM cannot change the minds and attitude of 1 billion+ Muslims who have been fed the teachings of the Quran and only the Quran for 1400+ years.

  2. Why is it that the MSM and many Americans can’t see that when a “religion” has to promote itself every second, and promote itself as peaceful, that it is more than suspicious. It’s a case of “Me thinks thou doth protest too much.” Isn’t “peaceful” inherent in a “religion?” Islam means by peace: The world will be at peace when all of us infidels are submissive to Islam or dead. THAT is their definition of peace. In addition, I still can’t understand how any “journalist” or any American, for that matter, who went to school before, say, 1990, do not know about the Crusades, Constantinople, Vienna, the beginnings of Islam slaughtering Jews, how the Poles stood up to Islam or we would already be a caliphate for hundreds of years, how the Moors conquered Spain until 1492. What is wrong with peoples’ brains? And of course, 9/11, Fort Hood, Olympic Games in Germany, USS Cole, Iran hostages, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc ….seems Diane Sawyer is a pod. And half of Americans are pods. I can’t stand stupidity.
    Why Sawyer has to do any piece on the cult of pieces in the first place, is beyond my comprehension….unless it’s a piece about beheading, honor killings, acid attacks, slaughtering Copts, hating Jews and driving them out of Malmo, Sweden, etc etc etc…..We will have to fight for ourselves when the shit hits.

  3. toliveonthewind the left started to distort history in the late 60s, by the 1980s the kids were not taught most of history and by the nineties they were concentrating on only the bad things that the west did through out history. I graduated high school in 1964 and I was one of the last classes that got a good historical education in Grade School and High School.

    It doesn’t surprise me that ABC is saying this man is our first line of defense, the MSM hasn’t supported the US since the 1960s.

  4. First line of defence of America against Islam are the US Marines, taking out Islamists in Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

    Second line – Predators

    Third line – Marines


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