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6 Replies to “Raw Video: Bahrain Protesters Fired Upon”

  1. You have to understand that these types of mob rule protests aren’t tolerated in places where the rule of law is strictly enforced. Marching an unarmed group of frenzied people towards armed police and military will result in only one outcome. So to then say these are ‘peaceful’ protests is to take them completely out of context from the same revolters operating all across this region. Maybe Lara Logan can tell us how ‘peaceful’ they are? They are all one and the same. Who are those behind them though, and why aren’t we being told who their real leaders are?

  2. It could be that the people shooting were very bad shots, I have heard a lot of people who came home from Gulf War I and II say that the Arabs are among the worst shots in the world.

  3. I will agree with you on that, it might be staged but it might not, what struck me was the way the shots sounded like aimed fire, I would expect full auto from the machine guns on the tanks. Like I said we might not be seeing the full story or it might be staged. I want more evidence.

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