H/T: ES: “A Jordanian attorney, a Jordanian human rights organization and a Lebanese news commentator in 2009 justifying, indeed glorifying, Ahmed Daqamseh’s fatally shooting seven 11 year-old Israeli schoolgirls girls as “heroism” born of “patriotic rage” and a basic, natural response. Note the last few minutes of the segment where murdered Israeli girls are transformed rhetorically into “a group of Zionists” representing all Israeli offenses real and imagined (including the proximate cause of Jordan’s failure to negotiate more favorable water rights) who offend Islam and a man’s personal honor, such that Israel – and these women -are the real criminals. Note how this murder is transformed into a defining moment for all Arabs and Moslems.”


  1. Jew hatred and hatred of Christians is systemic in the Arab world, no matter the facade of modernism that is put out by our MSM for countries such as Jordan.

    The Real Egyptian Revolution Will Not Be Brought to You by CNN

    “Do you know ALL English Speaking JOURNALISTS are YAHOOD?? (Jews)”

    Egyptian Anti-Mubarak YouTube commenter

    There are two Egyptian revolutions. The one marketed for Western consumption by Egyptian bloggers and the American media– and the real revolution. The rape of Lara Logan brought that second revolution out of the shadows for the first time. This was certainly not the first sexual assault arising out of the Jan 25 protests. It won’t be the last either. The Western educated Egyptians promoting the protests have always managed to sell the press on the story that all the violence, from the looting of the Egyptian museum, the attacks on reporters, the prison breaks and the mass rapes and robberies were all the work of pro-Mubarak forces. But when Logan was attacked, she was among a crowd celebrating the fall of Mubarak. These were the very people that she and her colleagues had come to Egypt to support.

  2. We are at a turning point of history, one that is turning violent and will make most leftist sick once reality finally wakes them.

  3. Richard

    Its about time.

    There will be no peace in the West till there are virtually no Muslims here. Then we will get back our freedoms that we lost because of the threat of terrorism, or freedoms lost because of legislation that actually forbids free speech.

  4. There is no rationality left in the Muslim world, if there ever was any to begin with. Except, of course for the twisted rationalizing of their hatred toward all that is not Muslim.

    The west can look at this and shake its collective head in wonder, but for hundreds of millions of Muslims who are trained to think in terms of absolute symbols and anything and anyone can become objectified as a thing if the cause benefits Islam, this represents reality.

    Islam objectifies all outsiders as fair game for criminal activity up to and including death so long as Muslims benefit or the actions are presented as jihad.

    These schoolgirls had the misfortune of being born Jewish and surrounded by those who would rather see all Jews wiped off the face of the earth (along with all other non-Muslims) than leave them in peace.

    So long as the core of Islam is to hate, this will happen again and again and again.

    So why again do we tolerate intolerable behaviour from Muslims?

  5. You are both right, the unfortunate thing is that it takes major disasters to change the minds of the liberals, and no there isn’t any rationality in Islam. This is because the maniac that founded it couldn’t remember from one day to the next what lies he told.

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