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3 Replies to “over 30 people run over by Muslim US cab driver.”

  1. Have no fear, the feckless,spineless, apologist political class and the MSM will ‘sanitize’ all reports and try to pass this horrific incident as “an unfortunate accident” by a hapless immigrant.

  2. I am of the opinion that anyone who follows Islam, in most of its guises, is or becomes borderline insane.

    Lets face it, all of the practices that are imposed on the people from ‘on high’ have the cumulative effect of brainwashing them. From day one, they are led to believe the most insanely irrational things and are encouraged to act on them. Lets not forget all those recent converts, all over the world, who suddenly become terrorists and supporters of terrorists despite all the evidence telling them that it is wrong.

    This is but one more example of the madness that Islam brings to the world.

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