Stunning CBN video of imminent civil wars in Europe

This really is stunning. Not just the footage and the conclusions but the mere fact that a conservative Christian media outlet like CBN comes out with the blatant prediction that civil wars in the streets of Europe due to unbridled Islamic immigration and policies of multiculturalism seem inevitable. Here is the original page.

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4 Replies to “Stunning CBN video of imminent civil wars in Europe”

  1. I have been expecting this to happen for a long time, while it won’t start out as a civil war like the Spanish Civil War, it will turn into one in several European nati0ns.

  2. Until the west understands how Muslims perceive themselves in relation to the rest of the world, we will have to come to this wherever Muslims settle.

    Muslims are first and foremost citizens of the ummah, the world community of Islam. They are in the west to change the dar-al-habr, or house of war, into the dar-al-islam, or house of submission. This is their first loyalty and their families, tribes, branch of Islam comes after that. Adapting to their host cultures may not even enter into their minds.

    Of all Muslim groups, perhaps only the Ismailies come close to understanding how nationhood works. In my experience, they are among the most kind-hearted and liberal of the Muslim people I have ever met.

    So I guess I am not a complete ignoramus when it comes to Islam.

  3. RR I don’t know of anyone saying you don’t now much about the Moslems, but you are right, the problem we face is that the non religious left that refuses to admit that people do things for religious reasons. Until we manage to get the leftist out of positions of power we will not be able to concentrate on the enemy that is shooting at us.

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