Persia meets Iran:

For those who do not already know, its well worth the time to research why the great, secular and modern nation of Persia changed it’s name to Iran. For those that do not already know, they are likely not to believe me, so no links. Find out for yourselves. In the meantime, here is a great clip I like to think of, as a Persian dealing appropriately with an Iranian.

Persian Girl Vs Basiji

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  1. I once read that the people now known as “Iranians” took their name from “Aryan”, that semi-historical group of settlers who migrated probably from Central Asia during the second millenium BC to parts of Europe and Asia. They are semi-historical since there is very little evidence to suggest that such a group or race even existed at all.

    The name should be familiar to anyone with even a slight grasp of modern history.

    The name was chosen by these people for reasons which are embedded in Islam and have everything to do with the Muslim connection to the Austrian-born Chancellor of Germany who brought Europe to the brink of ruin.

  2. Aryan is Sanskrit word from India. It means noble. It is often used as a first name. It is very popular for baby boys nowadays. Even the friend of Lord Krishna in the dialogue of the Bhagavad Gita was called a variation of Aryan which is Arjan. Bhagavad Gita is the central text of the Hare Krishna movement a revitlised modern style approach to a ancient tradition of worship of the Lord. The nazi Swastika is also Indian. It is seen is most Hindu temples. Sadly Hitler took it to bolster his Aryan credentials. The people of Iran took this modern name it in order to suck up to Hitler in order to get into his good books. It has no real roots in Persia which is the original name of this of this land now know as Iran. Iran is a modern name conjured up to apeal to Hitler. The Greeks never took over Iran they took over Persia. The arabs never took over Iran they took over Persia. The Mongols never took over Iran they took over Persia. Iran is new with no historiacal lineage apart from the modern period we are now in.

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