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6 Replies to “Lessons in hate: Dispatches”

  1. Search this site. Dispatches has done some really important documentaries on this. Undercover Mosque 1 & 2, both here on Vlad, is arguably the documentary that broke the ice about Islam on the MSM

  2. When will we start having expose tv programs like this in the U.S.? People who use the Web have gotten the message about the dangers of Islam, but there needs to be more on the tube to inform those without computers. Investigative tv journalists here have to get into Muslim schools and mosques.

  3. This is from Channel Four in the UK, not the BBC. The BBC would never ever do such a program. The last time the Channel Four people did the “undercover mosque” program they were actually sued by the West Midlands police; as that is where the footage was sent to in order that action could be taken. The Judge made the police apologise to the Channel Four broadcaster and made the police pay some money to them as well. So it all worked well. Thank God for the Channel Four crew. Once again they have done sterling work to hilight the criminality of the muslims and their inbreeding religion of fanatical hatred for the nobel infidel.

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