The Prophet and the Proletariat

From The English Defence League:

how the far-Left secretly worked to use militant islam against you

You’ve probably never heard of Chris Harman. But his ideas on Islamism have proved highly influential.
A long-term editor for the Socialist Worker and International Socialism magazines, and a member of the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party, Harman has been credited with creating the ideology that allowed the militant-Left to form an alliance with radical Islamists.

The Left which talked of women’s right and gay rights one day would happily keep silent on these issues the next, as they met with, and marched alongside, Islamist extremists who hated gays and considered women to be inferior.

Those who stood up for human rights even in the face of Islamist aggression were to be described as “racist” and “Islamophobic”. Where did this come from?

Islamists: the New Vanguard of a Socialist Revolution:

Far-Leftism was transformed during the 20th century. Karl Marx, the father of “scientific socialism”, had predicted that war would one day sweep across Europe. The working classes, or the “proletariat”, he predicted, would then realise their “class consciousness” and overthrow their own governments, transforming Europe into a socialist state.

Marx, it turned out, was only partly correct. From 1914 to 1918 Europe was engulfed by the First World War. However, the working classes fought for their countries. British soldiers went to war to fight for the freedom of their families and fellow countrymen.

Marxists were left confused. Although socialists attempted to take over some European cities, no lasting socialist state was established. The question Marxists were asking themselves was what went wrong?

The far-Left eventually came to believe that, because the working class respected its national traditions, it was not “revolutionary” enough to serve as the “vanguard” of a Marxist revolution.

It was decided that the way forward was to (1) find a new “vanguard” to take the traditional place of Marx’s proletariat, and (2) to attack and undermine national culture, making it appear to be not worth defending.

The result was what is sometimes called “Cultural Marxism”. This began to emerge in the 1960s. The far-Left decided that if the “proletariat” would not instigate a revolution for them, then other disenfranchised groups might. Women, ethnic and religious minorities, and gays all became the target of the New Left. However, as it later revealed, minorities were only of importance to the New Left so long as they could be used to make the West look oppressive. Today we see socialist and “anti-racist” groups aligning themselves with anti-Semitic, homophobic, Islamist organisations, because far-Left-wing organizations believe that these are more aggressive, anti-Western, and, as such, more “revolutionary”.

1994; Justification for an Alliance with Islamist Fascists:

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11 Replies to “The Prophet and the Proletariat”

  1. The priesthood of hate (the Left) gets together with the religion of hate! WTF took them so long? The working classes are bitter, but not great haters. Much better choice. 😀

  2. I am glad the facts about the left are getting out, the left has had a monopoly on the educational system for so long even people who fight the left spout leftist memes thinking they are pushing for freedom. Nationalism is under attack but it was nationalism that fueled the Renaissance, it was nationalism that brought us out of the last Dark Age, and it is the attacks on nationalism and faith by the left that have brought about the very real possibility of a new Dark Age. In many ways we are in the opening decades of one but it will take several more decades to see if we enter into a full fledged Dark Age.

  3. Richard

    The Left’s control of the education system via unions or gullible/liberal teachers and lecturers, has led to infiltration of the civil service, defence and the media- the BBC in particular, which has become Radio Moscow on the Strand.

    OT but well worth reading

    BBC ‘migration’ boss leading move to Manchester travels 4,000 miles to work (and avoids paying any UK income tax)

    Read more:

  4. The Communists helped the Ayatollah take over Iran, then — they had to run for their lives. Those who didn’t were imprisoned and killed. In Islam, there is no room for anything but Islam. Islam must dominate.

  5. Superb article. Now I know of the intellectual person behind the whole islamic/left alliance. It certainly was not an organic growth. It was cynical alliance with islamic facists but then again lefties are facists of course. Nazism was national socialism. Chris Harman what monster maker you are. Thanks for nothing. Now we have to deal with your ghastly work.

  6. peadphileprophet as far as I can determine nothing the left does is organic growth, it is all planned at some level, this is what makes them so hard to defeat.

    DP111 that control is not just in Britain but also in the US, over here it is getting hard to find a teacher below Collage level that has a degree in what they are teaching. They have degrees in education and really don’t know enough to be able to tie their own shoes.

  7. Richard the hard left are hard to defeat that is true. They certainly are cynical manipulators and opportunists. However, the problem they have is that their latest scheme of using militant islam is that it does go against the previous schemes involving black civil rights groups in the states, women equal pay and rights groups of that same period and of course the gay issues. Some members of these groups most notable the gay activist and brave man if ever there was one, Peter Tatchell in Britain has spoken out against Islam. It would be great if Black people as group could highlight the islamic role in slavery, Women as a group could hilight the mistreatment of women and gays as a group could protest the killing of gays in Muslims countries as a matter of state policy. That is probably asking too much, but I am ever the optimist. The All American Negro alliance against Islam, Women against sharia, Gays against Sharia. Who know what the future will bring.

  8. peadophileprophet I hope you get your wish, but I am afraid we are going to have to do this the hard way just like we had to do with Hitler.

  9. What utter nonsense. Honestly, do you know anything of history?

    The working classes palpably did NOT fight for their ‘national traditions’ in world war one. That’s why they had to be conscripted in pretty much every country. What a leap of logic this crap is! How do you explain the Russian Revolution of 1917, the German Revolutions of 1918 and 1923, the revolts in Bulgaria, Poland and many other countries? All of these uprisings were working class in nature. For those working classes that didn’t revolt in hte midst of the war, the war greatly undermined their standards of living and as such laid the basis for revolt in the near future. And so, we see the British working class (who you would have us believe was completely consumed by nationalism) go on general strike in 1926, only held back by a reactionary, conservative union bureaucracy!

    Chris Harman stood in the International Socialists tradition. That tradition is anything but cultural Marxist. It retains the logical kernal at the heart of Marxism that the self emancipation of the working class must be the act of the working class itself. Cultural Marxism obviously rejects this.

    Your historical revisionism is reasonably astounding

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