Interesting group who protest the EDL

This is a picture of some of the people in Luton, demonstrating against the EDL. Notice the multitude of Keffiyehs. It is hard to track down exactly what these things mean, but my money is on wearers are supporting Hamas. Anyone who has read the Hamas charter knows what that means.

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14 Replies to “Interesting group who protest the EDL”

  1. On my public transit travel through Toronto i have asked several keffiyehs sporting people if they are aware of what they represent.
    Most think it a fashion statement.
    The ones i ask that i figure are aware of the meaning kinda slink away.
    Did i mention i can look really mean when i want to?

  2. Of course they are Shirl why do you think I said it is scary, loony leftist that age think they are immortal and capable of anything, they are worse then young soldiers.

  3. Those foolish Infidels ,AKA useful idiots wearing, the dirty rag around their neck had better be careful, when the Islamists are done with them who knows what use it will have. These are the same type of jackasses that parade around wearing ‘Che’ T shirts in the US and have’nt got a clue.

  4. Big Frank you got that right, I told one about Che’s habit of going to the jail and beating prisoners to death when he was in a bad mood, after I convinced him I was right he almost lost his lunch.

  5. They aren’t all young. ..and from what I see in this country the oldies are getting in on the act too now.

    I also think some wear a Keffiyeh, as they have no idea what they are. Once or twice I have casually asked them if they’re aware of the fact they’re wearing a symbol of terrorism and they are amazed

  6. The temporary residents of Vicarage Street and Downs Road, by the look of them.

    It’s time they all read Hayek’s Road to Serfdom.

    They’ll get a shock when they find out what Socialist Workers Parties really are, and there they are marching with one.

  7. That keffiyeh is also what Hungarian neo-nazi Krisztina Morvai, who probably masturbates every night while thinking that she’s getting triple-plugged by Hitler, Amin al-Husseini and Yasser Arafascist, loves to wear while bashing Jews and Israel.

    P.S.: If the VT team members think my comment on that islamonazi Morvai is too vulgar, you can delete it.

  8. Yup I too am a proud Kaffir.

    I’m not the site owner and don’t take objection, I think it’s oK as you are trying to get a message across and this sure does it !!!

  9. Seriously it is just a naive fasion statment about supporting (or thinking you support) the palestinians and is exactly the same thing as wearing a Che T-shirt. I love telling these people that the man on their shirt, whome they have never actually read about, was Castro’s executioner, and then watch their heads as-plode.

    The same sort of thing can be seen at those Hammas protests. At the end of one protest in london you can see the sheltered lefty mush heads plopping themselves in terror once they finally realize they’re surrounded by a gang of violent thugs.

  10. jjk999 when you are talking about Che be sure and tell them his favorite way to let off steam was to go to the jail and use a baseball bat to beat prisoners.

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