Dutch girl sent to hospital by Muslims for “slutty photo”

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Girl (13) violated over Twitter photo

A thirteen-year-old girl was beaten up and sent to the hospital last Friday, after a conflict about a Twitter photo.

The victim is a student at Huygens College, a VMBO high school in the Amsterdam West area. A classmate put a somewhat juicy picture on Twitter.

According to a police spokesman, the school subsequently witnessed a “tense atmosphere” between two opposing groups. Meanwhile, on Twitter the verbal abuse went on as well. The police paid two visits to the Huygens College, together with the community-coordinator [PC lingo for: local agent] in order to calm things down.

At first this seemed to work, but later that day things turned ugly nevertheless. The girl had been sent home as a precaution, but later on she went back to school to voice her displeasure. At the Overtoom [street in Amsterdam], the girl suffered a bruised vertebra during a violent confrontation that took place between the two groups. She received treatment in hospital and has returned home.

In a comment to AT5 [Amsterdam local news channel] she says she’s terrified of returning back to school.

The other girl in the picture is a student from a school in the Amsterdam-Noord area. There are reports that she also has been threatened.

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5 Replies to “Dutch girl sent to hospital by Muslims for “slutty photo””

  1. Oh C–p, that poor girl is going through hell and now has a good chance that when she reaches my age she will have a bad back.

  2. What more evidence do we need to see that even the “average” Muslim is full of hatred and is capable of violence?

    The west must turn back the tide of Muslim immigration or we will suffer the fate that eastern Europe suffered for almost 500 years; enslavement.

  3. girl beaten to veil

    The sixteen year old girl who was abused at school Tuesday, she was beaten for not wearing a veil. Says the director of the College in the Scala AD.

    The Alphen was attacked by a group of girls. They both wore a headscarf. A message distributed by the victim through social media led the assault.

    It was the teenager a concussion and a broken lip. The incident happened Tuesday afternoon at the Scala College, Diamond Street location. The student of high school is attacked by fellow students. The girl who hit the victim is suspended by her school, the school board in AD Groene Hart.


  4. We don’t need any more evidence, the peace at any cost crowd need a whole lot more, unfortunatly the peace at any cost crowd is now in power in all nations, with Obama actively helping the enemy.

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