Package explodes at Swedish post terminal

Package explodes at Swedish post terminal

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The Swedish Security Service (Säpo) are following developments after a package exploded at a post terminal in Borlänge in central Sweden on Wednesday morning, leaving several people needing treatment.

“We don’t yet know what type of explosion it is. I can say that damages are minimal but there is some spread of a white powder and several people have had to be sanitised,” said Sven-Åke Petters at Dalarna police to The Local on Wednesday.

Police received an alarm over the explosion at 8.20am on Wednesday morning. The premises filled with smoke and the white powder filled the air, Petters told The Local.

While several people have been treated by ambulance personnel, no one has been taken to hospital.

Dalarna police are currently leading the investigation into the explosion although the Security Service has been informed of the incident.

“The case remains with us in Dalarna. We have been in contact with Säpo and they are following developments,” Petters said.

Borlänge post terminal is operated by Posten, formerly Sweden’s postal monopoly, and serves the county of Dalarna. The terminal has now been evacuated and polcie forensics are on site to conduct an examination.

Dalarna police have as yet been unable to conclude the intended destination of the exploded package.

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  1. It could be the Moslems in Europe have access to some type of bio weapon, or it could be they are trying to make people think they do.

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