Mauritania: Soldiers Wounded In Blast

Below is a sitrep from Stratfor. I posted it because if you google for ‘slavery in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania’ you will find some interesting things. But what is also interesting, is that like Dagestan and other fully Islamic nations, there is an astonishing amount of horror and violence even though they are fully Muslim jurisdictions. Even, as in the case of Mauritania, they still have open slave markets of Africans. Can’t get much more Muslim like that.


STRATFOR: February 1, 2011
Several Mauritanian soldiers were wounded when a vehicle they were pursuing exploded in the capital Nouakchott at 2am local time in the suburb of Arafat, 7 miles from the city center, a security source said, Reuters reported Feb. 2. The soldiers believed the vehicle contained members of al Qaeda’s north African wing and fired upon it before the explosion.

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