Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Sparked Violence – Report


January 25, 2011
The Muslim Brotherhood has caused demonstrations in Egypt to become violent , Egypt’s state-owned Nile News reported Jan. 25, citing an Egyptian security source. The source named the Muslim Brotherhood, 6 April movement, National Association for Change and Kifaya as the organizers of protests mainly in Cairo, Jiza, Gharbiya and Alexandria. The source said the Muslim Brotherhood forced large numbers of its members into the protests, which then turned violent as demonstrators vandalized buildings and threw stones at security personnel. Egypt’s Interior Ministry said ending the protests is important to national security.

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  1. Given what has happened in Tunisia it is going to take large amounts of violence by the police and the military to put down the demonstrations, and I don’t think the Mubarak has enough control of the Egyptian police and military to get way with doing that. Looks like we are watching another Islamic Republic being formed.

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