Now a Danish Defence League.

Denmark is probably the country in Europe that needs it the least. But clearly that doesn’t mean they do not need one. Lets hope they are as honest and genuine as the British one is.

Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson, leader of the English, EDL, did this radio interview recently.

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4 Replies to “Now a Danish Defence League.”

  1. The sleeping giants (the ordinary people of Europe) are waking up, once they do the entire world will tremble.

    John Oakly’s statements show that to borrow Bill Whittle’s term he is stuck in the narrative that we are being attacked by “radical” Moslems, this is false, we are being attacked by people who are following true Islam. Tommy is moving away from teh narrative but he is still having to say that the problem is radical Islam, I understand that he has to do this or be tarred as a racist but it is still not being honest about the problem.

  2. I am glad that the sleeping giant is waking up. That is a thing we can help with by spreading the counterjihad memes especially the most succesful of all that Mohammad was a peadophile. The sleeping giant is a digusted giant and will no longer tolerate such religiously sanctioned evil.

  3. Part of the problem is the “you are a racist” meme. The best way to counter this is to use this mohammad is peadophile meme spread very stealthly. I call it stealth counterjihad. Just mention the fact and leave at that. Let disgust do the rest. Do not even let the people know it is something from the counterjihad. Just a fact, an interesting fact. Disgust will take over and a job well done. So easy anyone can do it by becoming a stealth propagangist for the counter jihad. To wake the sleeping giant of the people one needs powerful emotions and disgust at peodophilia is one of the most potent in our war with this evil enemy.

  4. You are right, the best way to fight this war (at the moment) is by small means like Mohammad was a pedophile meme or the Islam isn’t a religion the way I understand religion meme. Both will spread faster then people think and both will do a lot of good for our side.

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