Clare Lopez speaks on the cancellation of the film Iranium

Here is the statement that Clare Lopez, Senior fellow at The Centre For Security Policy in Washington, and scheduled speaker after the planned showing if the Iran critical film, ‘Iranium’ gave from the living room of Fred Litwin’s home after the movie was cancelled by Canadian authorities and and the building locked down and searched by hazmat teams and fire crews.

Below is the interview Clare did with Nick Vandergragt when he sat in for Lowell Green on Jan 6th about her scheduled talk

Clare Lopez on CFRA Jan 6 2011 from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

Below, the emergency vehicles that appeared after the closure of the Archives. After we left, the Hazmat (Hazardous materials unit) appeared as well

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8 Replies to “Clare Lopez speaks on the cancellation of the film Iranium”

  1. Muslims are doing their job of intimidation and fear-mongering well.

    That this film was critical of the avowedly anti-west, anti-American Iranian regime was not the point. It was critical of an Islamic government and that is what prompted the Archives to cancel the show.

    The west now fears Islam more than it ever feared the Axis or Communism and thats a shame.

    I put it to the fact that we don’t want to impose any restrictions on people due to their religious beliefs, for that would cast a pall over our cherished values of freedom and equality.

    The ugly truth is that Islam is no more a religion than Nazism or Communism and it only wears a thin veneer of religious trappings over itself to mask that truth.

    Its now time for the free world to wake up and see the threat for what it is: large and looming in our future.

    May Islam fail utterly and forever.

  2. I am Canadian Citizen from an Iranian descent. I found that the Documentary “Iranium” Would be showed in the National Archive. My question is why the prestigious establishment like National Archive should get involved in showing a documentary that promotes hatred. Just the name of the documentary is offensive enough for an Iranian.
    If your decision is to show the documentary, would the national Archive show a documentary over the Israel Threat to the world and their known Nuclear weapon arsenal.
    Would national archive show something that will be used to shift the public opinion over a possible attack on Iran in future?
    As a Canadian, i doubt that the national archive want to be involved in this.

  3. Houman:

    You have every right to be offended. Hell the very name ‘Iran’ offends me as it is a derivative of ‘Aryan’ that the Muslims picked cause they liked Hitler so much. I find everything the current Iranian regime does highly offensive. I find Islam offensive. So yes you may be offended by the movie ‘Iranium’ which exposes some of the genocidal ambitions of the current regime. Please, be offended. Voice your offence everywhere you can. But you don’t have the right to stop people from exposing the facts about Islam or about Iran whether you like it or not. But you certainly may be offended. I am rather glad you are actually.

  4. Unbelivable.
    Fisrt thing First: Muslim chose the name Iran???You dear freind need to read a little bit of history. Reza Pahlavi the founder of Pahlavi Dynasty, the father of Mohamd Reza Pahlavi the biggest supporter of Israel chose this name. we call ourself persian who free you jews from esclavary and placed you were you claim is you given promised land.
    You are paid by jewish lobyist to do this so i will not get offended by you
    I will get offended by the federal gov whom i pay tax to to let you charge people 15 $ to show these documentary.

    Matter of fact i found about this only this morning and i will do all in my power to stop the hatred i felt from you

  5. You aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed are you? The name Iran was picked because the Muslims in Iran thought Hitlers Jew hate was so strong he might be the hidden imam. Also, your attempt to connect the federal government with a $15.00 fee to a private group is kinda loopy.

    You could and should be offended of the government itself was showing the film for free perhaps but charging a fee means an impediment to seeing the movie. You try and spin it like an incentive.

    The hate by the way comes from Iran. Ever hear a speech by imadinnerjacket? All he does is rail on Israel and Jews and threaten extinction. He also funds the worlds biggest terrorist army and funds a very expensive nuclear weapons program while oppressing his own people with sharia law. So save your sanctimony for someone who isn’t as stupid or uneducated as your usual audience.

    To paraphrase Jack Nicholson:

    ‘Go peddle your bullshit somewhere else. We are all stocked up here’

  6. again unbeleivable
    are you teaching Iranian History to me. This is a conspiracy theory. Iam not sure how it could be possible. Reza shah chose the Name Iran in 1935. what is the realation with Hitler.Even the biggest historians who are agains Islam or Phalavi or Islamic revolution did not mention anything close to this as the origins of this.He was Laic if you undrestand what Laic means notMuslims chose.
    You seems to lack professionalism. Why do you answer witha n angry tone that shows your frustration.
    Do you mean Ahmadinejaad whom i do not support is more dangarous than Sharon or Netanyahoo?
    Iran did not attacka country for the past 300 years.
    Lets meet and chat over this as i feel that you are confusing politic islam with an Iranian or History and culture of Iran

    You are undre serious illusions that one needs to help you get the reality straight. Are you the one behind the display of the Movie. If yes, shame on all of us.

  7. What is astonishing about houman is that he thinks we should stop telling the truth because he is offended, sounds like a brainwashed zombie to me.

  8. houman you are talking about how offended you are by the movie, well stop and consider what you a guest owe to the host country, you owe the host country respect and you are suppose to adapt to the culture of the host country. You aren’t doing this, you are insisting that Canada adapt to you and your culture, this is offensive to all civilized people around the world, you need to rethink you entire approach before you actions make it necessary for Canada to ship you back to Iran. I know you will love it there where you won’t have the freedom to be offended by others.

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