STRATFOR: Possible Parcel Bomb In New York

U.S.: Possible Parcel Bomb In New York STRATFOR
January 19, 2011
Police are investigating a possible parcel bomb at a commercial Israeli bank in New York, according to a New York Police Department spokesman, CNN reported Jan. 19. X-ray imaging revealed the potential device in a large envelope at a New York branch of Bank Hapoalim. According to a law-enforcement source, the letter was addressed to a bank employee. Emergency vehicles have arrived at the building, located in Manhattan, as investigators try to determine the contents of the package.

U.S: Suspicious Package Is A Greeting Card – NYPD
January 19, 2011
The New York Police Department (NYPD) said a suspicious package sent to an Israeli commercial bank in Manhattan turned out to be a greeting card from a headhunting firm, AP reported Jan. 19. The package was considered suspicious because X-ray imaging detected wires and a battery.

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