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5 Replies to “Ever wonder why you can never get a cab in New York?”

  1. If you believe that there is such a thing as Allah, all the rest follows. It’s not some abstract, philosophical choice like becoming a Vegan or a Unitarian, it is absolutely imperative – it is real. If I believed that Allah existed, I would immediately try to find a way to send money to Osama bin Laden, and I would pray five times a day, even if it meant climbing up on the trunk of my cab in front of everybody. Allah is literally more frightening than Attila the Hun, and by a large factor. If you believed in Him, you would never dream of crossing Him. He follows you into the afterworld and He is not required to be understanding, fair, or in any way nice. It’s important to remember that when arguing with a Muslim. No matter how right you may be, the Muslim has no authority whatsoever to agree with you. It’s simply not his call.

  2. Chris you are right, the practicing Moslems have no choice but to follow the strict letter of Sharia law which is why they are so scary, they literally can’t think for themselves. The only time they are allowed to think for themselves is when they are planning new ways to impose sharia on the rest of the world.

  3. I believe the crap they are pulling in France with their illegal displays are sinister and absolutely have to be forcibly dealt with soon. I think that muslims just took advantage of MLK day was unspeakably vile. I think that prayer in which they repeat to themselves that they are different from christians and jews 17 times a sitting, 5 sittings a day (that’s 85 times a day) is NOT A PRAYER AT ALL but self administerd brainwashing. I said all that first so you know I’m not a muslim troll/apologist/propogandist when I say-

    One guy praying on his own on the street because he can’t get to his mosque from his job is just fine. It was a very common thing to see in nyc long before 9/11 and is not part of a secret political agenda and has nothing at all to do with displays of islamic supremicism.

    It seems to me this guy is on his cab so he won’t disrupt foot traffic (or visa versa)- notice that there are a lot of people walking by on the sidewalk. Also the hood of his cab is cleaner then the street and his rug won’t get as dirty.

    I mention this because I have seen several vids on youtube of muslim men quietly praying alone on the street and people who don’t live in nyc make nasty comments about it because they have the impression that it is aberrant or sinister when in fact it is completely innocent.

    What is so hilarious about this vid is that he came up with an admirably practical solution just so that he could engage in a wildly impractical practice.

    I am all for targeting the people who are involved with any sort of islamic supremicism as viciously and decisively as possible and the only thing I dislike about Guantanamo is that there aren’t enough inmates. But I don’t think we should mock random muslims who aren’t pushing the IslamoNazi agenda or hurting anybody.

  4. jjk99 I am going to give this guy top marks for giving me a laugh. I even have a book called The Humor of Islam…You’ll Die Laughing [Paperback]
    Az Zaqqum (Author) . Some of the things muzzies get up to have you rolling about with laughter. If ever you get to read it you will enjoy all the crazy hadiths and fatwas of Islam in one handy book.

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