Hope and despair in Pakistan.

Check out the interview with the two children of the murdered minister of Punjab, Salman Tasmeer. Especially the interview with his son. If only these were the voices in ascendence in the Islamic world instead of what follows. But the Tasmeer children have my respect and admiration. Those are the voices of courage.

Had to add this comment under this video where it lives on youtube:

ugerWadi has made a comment on Hope and despair for Pakistan:

The whole Pakistani nation is on the back of great man Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri. Salman taseer was shot with 27 bullets……….. I think he should had been shot with 127 bullets instead…………. And anyone on the path of Salman taseer will face the same fate here in Pakistan………..Inshallah………
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  1. Lebanon has fallen to the Islamists, Tunisia and Turkey are headed towards a full Islamic government, Pakistan is one the brink if falling to the Islamists and they are armed with nuclear weapons. Blasphemy laws may be coming to a country near us soon, but hall hell is going to break out around the world real soon. I don’t think Pakistan can reach North America with nuclear weapons without Iranian, North Korean or Iranian help but they can reach India.

    The two kids in the video were warned by a high ranking Imam that if they kept speaking out they would suffer the same fate as their father.

  2. We live in great times now….history is being made and we are all in it, part of it. The question is, are we going to be the ones writing the book or are they? We all know what happens when they write the book.

  3. I would word it as Great and Perilous times, and to the list of problems that I posted yesterday we can add that DEBKA is reporting that Iranian nuclear scientists and engineers are in North Korea having taken a minimum of $150 milllion with them to pay for a nuclear test. They are probably having the North Koreans assemble a nuclear warhead using the Iranian plans and want to test if their design will work. If it does more money will probably be sent to acquire weapons grade fissile material so Iran can assemble several of the warheads and mate them to their intermediate and long range missiles.

    A major war is coming, and probably real soon. Buckle up for a very bumpy ride for the next couple of decades.

  4. God bless and protect these young people!
    I would gladly shake their hands and welcome them to a world that rewards and admires civilized and virtuous traits of the individual.

  5. Gene,

    It’s a Chinese curse for sure.

    These a$$holes better take care of their sh!t soon ’cause the Liberal lie that Islam is a ROP can’t hide the stink of death much longer. Murderers are heros in Islam, and that’s a fact. Given the crimes against humanity which the followers of Islam praise and commit aside from murder, be it genocide as an example, and all who commit them are heroes and their Prophet, only exposure such as this will either change the face of Islam, or relagate it to the trash bin of history. The latter I would prefer.

  6. Kaffir_Kanuck the Chinese curse is much bigger then you realize, we are heading into the most perilous time that I can remember, and we are doing it at the time that the US is at its weakest. No matter what the left has taught the people around the world it is the US that has provided the military muscle to ensure the long relatively peaceful period we have known. Our major problems and threats arose through the weakness of two Presidents (Carter and Clinton) and the mistake of one (Reagan) I like President Reagan he and thatcher won the cold war, but he should have never pulled the Marines out of Lebanon in the 80s. The actions of Carter and Clinton along with Reagan’s mistake told the Moslems the west is weak and won’t fight. This perception of weakness is mostly due to the lefts racism, they have considered Western Civilization to be the only stumbling block to their dominating the world that combined with their dismissal of any “natives” as being a threat that we are now facing a major war that is going to be of unprecedented size. I personally think the west is going to win over the Moslems in the long run, but I don’t know about how we are going to do against the left.

  7. “This is not their Pakistan!”

    Oh, but it is!

    Taseer´s children are dead if they stay in Talibanistan!

    What matters is USA and Europe NOT majority muslim countries, they are being swept away into a complete darkness that will destroy all received western cultural influence of the last 150 years.

    We must fight the battles we can win, to hell with the rest.

  8. I have said before that we are in the opening decades of a Dark Age, but given the modern travel and weapons we can’t stop once we free America, Canada, Britain and Europe from the Moslems. We will have to continue on around the world or one of the fanatics over there will get his/her hands on a WMD and use it on us. I hate to say it but a gas or nuclear weapon would be nasty and damaging but wouldn’t do the damage that a hot bio weapon would do. The latter weapon has been my nightmare since 9/11/01, and I understand several other people are sharing my fears.

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