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6 Replies to “Police in UK release more footage of the student riots”

  1. biggovernment.com (I think that is the right url) has an article about how the radical left is planning a number of month long protests in the US starting on March 2. Pay close attention, the last time they tried something like this was back in the 60s and they managed to shut down a large number of Universities for one or two semesters.

  2. Lets hope they shut down a few universities this time. I can suggest some. Start with UBC and maybe Ottawa U. and shut them down for maybe 5 years. We will find the number of irrational hate filled leftists will have diminished to insignificance by then if they do.

  3. The longest they managed to shut them down was two semesters, and that was only one University, but the got several of them shut down for one semester several times. I felt sorry for the people paying the tuition since you had to bag the semester and start all over again, but the schools wouldn’t refund your money.

  4. I almost forgot the first school they shutdown they burned the library, after that they stopped burning libraries since without them they couldn’t figure out how to build fire bombs.

  5. People wake up. Most of these miserable scum are from upper class and wealthy families and can well afford to pay full tutition. Instead us working class and middle class stiffs are subsidizing them. And we can’t afford to educate our own unless we begger ourselves kissing asses. If they succeed in their goal of violent revoloution, their houses and all else will be protected as they belong to the elite who live in gated communities and well guarded by police. The working class and middle class idiots are being used to destroy their future and destiny. The elite would not piss on the rest of us if we were on fire, and the sooner we realise this the better we will be. Please get some cop on.

  6. getalife the main source of leftist thought and the majority of people belonging to the left has always been lower upper class and upper middle class. They use the unions to keep getting elected but they control the unions by bribery, I like to call the leftists neo-feudalists, they want to be the Nobles and Royals in a new feudal society. Their desires to be hereditary aristocrats are one of the reasons they spend so much time dumbing down the public school systems, they send their kids to private schools that still educate the students but want our kids to be propagandized and not as well educated so they will can be led by the kids of the “elite” who are better educated. This is one reason the left is so scared of Sarah Palin, she didn’t go to the “best” schools and still managed to get a good education, if/when she is elected President this will be a set back to the left because is shows you don’t have to be a member of their special club to succeed.

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