Michael Coren show Jan 13 2011 Christian Persecution in the Muslim world

One must tip ones hat to Michael Coren for this one. He had the courage to expose facts that the rest of the TV world simply will not deal with. While it is true that I see more and more MSM coverage of the consequences of Islam in the West, few have the courage to talk about the persecution of the Coptic people of Egypt, or Christians in Pakistan and Nigeria and many other parts of the world where Islam holds the whip hand.

This was a great show and I hope many people see it, not the least of which, Jason Kenny, minister of immigration, and ideally, also Canada’s FM.

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  1. I didn’t say kill him, they aren’t ready to start that, but they are getting close to being ready to take people like him off the air.

  2. You mean, the death of free speech? No more rational discussion? There have been revolutions over such things. The Truth will eventually prevail. Not everyone will tow the PC liberal line in its obsession with “perfecting” human nature!

    Unfortunately it takes a while, as we have seen in the last century, 150 million people were murdered in the name of extreme “liberalism” before Truth finally did emerge.

  3. In Canada,Michael Coren is one of maybe a handfull of voices in the media machine where you will hear the truth, if not from him than from one of his guests.

    I can name a few more such as Lowell Green in Ottawa or Tommy Schumacher in Montreal, a fellow named Goode in Vancouver and a fellow in Toronto. But that is all.

    So Canadians are sleepwalking to the abyss, both politically and financially.Especially financially. The interest on Canadian public debt is over $ 1,000.00 a second. The cost of immigration is burdening the people and future generations.

    You will never hear the “M” word on the radio. That is why I listen to American talk radio even that is irritating at times but they say things and discuss issues that Canadians will NEVER hear. Specifically on Michael Savage and Joyce Kaufman and even Howie Carr ( although he is too Boston local).

    A real left wing creep is Michael Harris if 580cfra. Too him, Alla is to be praised and Mohammad is theee prophet. Israelis are nazis and muslims are the jews.

    I blame the situation on Canadians because noone cares. Almost everyone I know has a secret plan to leave Canada and live either in the caribean or go back to the country where their parents were born.

  4. Billions every year to Egypt and noone discusses it even 9 years after 9/11!! No academic even writes about it. With the maybe exception of Daniel Pipes.

    I so regret that Israel returned the Sinai to those 2 legged dogs with apologies to dogs everywhere.

  5. Dallas major world wars have been fought over the suppression of the truth, yet the wanna be dictators keep trying to impose controls on what can and can’t be said. Look at the attacks on the conservatives in the wake of the nut bucket shooting people in Arizona. The wanna be’s always start with suppressing the truth before they start killing the people they don’t like. Despite what the left wants you to think the US and Canada have been remarkably free of political violence throughout our existence. The left is trying to change that fact, they are pushing for militant protests, riots and if we were privy to their meetings some are probably pushing for another terror campaign like the late 1960s and early 1970s. Back then the left hadn’t quite achieved total control of the media, this took them until the late 1970s. But their control was firm enough that they could spin the news any way they wanted. In Nam the 1967 Tet offensive was a major defeat for the Viet Cong (Cong means communists) but it was spun as and is still taught as a major defeat for the US. The student protesters were radical leftists that were out to destroy the US, they were spun as concerned kids that were trying to stop an unjust war. The counter protests (there were some) were either ignored or reported as Klan rallies.

    After the Fairness Doctrine was removed in the late 1980s the conservatives found a place (talk radio) where they could get their message out. In the early part of this Century the net came into its own as a news source and the left has been working hard ever since to regain their monopoly on the news. I am not sure what is happening in Canada but in the US the left is trying to use the Arizona shootings to shut down talk radio and the bloggers.

    The above history and the actions of the left are coming close to causing civil wars in almost all western nations, and this may be their goal, they think that if they can get the right to start the fighting. Or can blame the right for the fighting they can take over the governments and stop all future elections, after all the stupid unwashed masses don’t know what is best for them so why let them have a say in the government.

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