Michael Coren on the EDL – JDL joint presentation in Toronto.

I would like to compliment Mr. Coren on saying that indeed what violence that took place in front of the Toronto Zionist Centre was entirely the fault of leftists and Palestine supporters.

Thanks to SDAMATT2 who always makes sure Coren stuff makes it to youtube and Don for letting me know about this. The CBC filmed the entire thing out front and didn’t feel it was worth making their film public. One can only assume because it makes their side, one a publicly funded broadcaster should not have, look bad.

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6 Replies to “Michael Coren on the EDL – JDL joint presentation in Toronto.”

  1. Of course it’s not here in Canada yet. DUH! In order that we don’t go the way of the many European countries being overun by radical Muslims today, we need to make a stand and EDL definitely has the right idea. Stand up to them BEFORE they get a foot hold in this country. Laura Babcock typifies the left view on this problem.

  2. ramjetejmar.
    “Not here in Canada yet”? Wise up, don’t be so smug, it’s everywhere. That’s how it thrives, people just don’t know that it’s there.

  3. First she is dumb, anyone who fights radical Islam is going to be considered radical.

    Yes radical Islam is everywhere, and it is helped by people saying that it can’t happen here, well it can and is happening everywhere.

    The final arguments are interesting, letting the Moslems commit their acts of aggression and not confronting them is playing into their hands, they consider this to be weakness and will get more aggressive. This is where the woman and Michael are wrong, they are buying into the idea that people are all the same and will react the same. This is caused by the moral equivalency BS, this theory says that all cultures are equal and non are superior to the others. This leads people to not study and learn about other cultures since they are all equal and according to this way of thinking react the same way to all stimulus. This attitude is going to hurt us and I am sorry that Michael has it, I hope he learns better soon.

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