American Muslim woman files suit against Greyhound Bus via CAIR

Classic Muslim strategy. Force host culture to bend till it breaks, then sue them.

There is more here but the video shown tells me it is not available at this time. If you are in the US please try it and tell me if it works there. Otherwise, one must wonder why this particular video gives that unusual error.

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4 Replies to “American Muslim woman files suit against Greyhound Bus via CAIR”

  1. Travis thank you. I still get “unavailable”. It must be a Canada thing. Is it good? Should I bug an American to show it to me via Skype Screen share?

  2. Eeyore it is good and if I knew how to share it I would, I heard about this case before, she was wearing a full burga and according to Greyhound the bus was already full and they gave her a ticket for another day. Greyhound will probably cave on this to avoid the bad publicity and expense of a law suit. Personally I think caving will cost them more then fighting but I am not CEO or CFO so I don’t have a say.

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