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6 Replies to “David Horowitz: The Socialist roots of the current US administration”

  1. That is an excellent book, one that should be read by all Americans, it won’t be because it is telling the truth about Obama. Obama and the far left that is controlling the Democrats are a much bigger danger to the US them most people realize, and here I am including most critics of Obama.

  2. What amazes me is the media (ABC , NBC , CBS CNN Time etc ) complete whitewash , look the other way and purposefully not looking at all the known facts about this man and his associations during the election like no other American politician that I can remember .

  3. Forget his socialist roots, his personal ideology goes far further afield than that. I have the feeling that he is a closet Muslim. After all, he didn’t change his name back AFTER “leaving” Islam, did he?

    And if he did leave, why isn’t there a fatwa against him by leading imams and clerics all over the world for leaving?

    Obama may be the first president of the USA to openly practice takkiya/kitman on the public.

    That should worry the public more than his socialist roots.

  4. Obama is more Moslem then Christian but is more Marxist then Moslem, he surrounded himself with Marxist in collage and has filled his administration with committed Marxists. He may or may not have left Islam but he sure hasn’t left Marxism, his mother sent him to her parents in Hawaii when his stepfather turned out to be a capitalist, they were Marxists (and I think members of the communist party) the mentor/father figure he had in Hawaii was a card carrying member of the communist party named Frank Marshall Davis. the following url will lead you to a brief bio on him and hopefully one of the links will lead you to his FBI file. http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=2323

    There are some reports that he was Obama’s real father, (I don’t know how true they are) Crossmoslems has a video with pictures of Obama’s mother naked that were suppose to be taken by Davis).
    There are also reports that he sold drugs with Obama and a possibility that he had sex with Obama.

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