Pakistan: Islamists criticise Pope’s anti-blasphemy law comments


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An alliance of Pakistani Islamist organisations said they would hold rallies to protest Pope Benedict XVI’s remarks that called on the country to scrap an anti-blasphemy law which allows for the death penalty for insulting Islam.

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6 Replies to “Pakistan: Islamists criticise Pope’s anti-blasphemy law comments”

  1. Benedict now has a very good chance to make a name for himself in these turbulent times. He should not back down to any intimidation.

  2. I don’t think he will back down, he while knowing the full danger that is Islam is also having to censor his own speech, he has to work to try and keep all Christians alive, and if he gets too critical too fast the Moslems will start killing more Christians.

  3. The Pope, or at least some kind of Christian leadership sooner or later has to have the raw political courage to say what is taking place and take that risk. Appeasement or attempting to not aggravate the aggressor by stating the truth might be slowing down the genocide of Christians in the Muslim nations but it certainly isn’t stopping it. Best to say it out loud and either end it, or have a war where both sides are fighting instead of just the Muslims.

  4. Eeyore it took 50 years for the left to separate religion from politics in the West and now the Moslems are reaping the benefits of the lefts efforts. The statements calling for Pakistan to repeal the laws against blasphemy are the most I have heard from an large religious leader, I have heard a lot of small single church preachers talk against jihad but so far no real big religious leader.

  5. Who do these Paki’s think they’re kidding. These Blasphemy laws are not about insulting anything. These Blasphemy laws are about their top rag-heads having the means to ram that evil cult down other people’s throats. Take these laws away, and these tin gods are terrified that they will lose their status, and that would never do would it. It will mean that those pig fearing crack-pots would have to work for a living. “Work” is a nasty four letter word in Islam.

  6. TC72 they think they are fooling everyone, they think they are the smartest and best people and that the rest of us aren’t smart enough to understand what they are doing.

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