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3 Replies to “Interesting TV interview with various Islamic leaders and anti-terror experts”

  1. The strategy of al Qaeda as described in the early part of the video is based on the theory of terror the left came up with, the left’s idea was they could commit so many terror attacks they would turn the government repressive. Then the left could retreat to the countryside and become a guerrilla force and people would support them in overthrowing the government. The left managed to convert a lot of governments repressive but the public never supported them in their attempts to overthrow the governments. There are similar mistakes in the strategy explained in the video (which may have been written after the invasion of Iraq) in the video they are blaming the US economic troubles on the war. The war has nothing to do with the economic problems, they were caused by leftist economic policies that forced otherwise intelligent bankers to make stupid loans. If we could remove the lefts regulations and orders from the worlds economic system the US would be able to fight the low intensity war for decades without hurting our economy. The problem is the leftists attacking the war because it interferes with their attempts to take over the world.

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