1. Very entertaining but one of these guys should do a “human beat box” kinda thing so the shouting guy can rap his bull-shit to the groove…or something like that…

  2. These people are called five percenters. They are split off from the Nation of Islam which believes the founder of that cult is in a space ship circulating the world. He ascended there when he died.
    Do they believe Mohammad was a black man. I do not know and would like to find out. I do know Mohammad was a white man with a thing about dying his beard ginger. He would go red as tomoto in the midday sun and with his ginger hair and beard was an instantly recognisable figure just from his appearance.
    With Jesus I do not know if he was white, brown or olive or variations along these caucasian coulourings. Still we can say he was not a black African. With Mohammad it is even more clear he is not only identified in numerous hadiths as white but as a slave dealer in blacks! In fact he had two black slaves of his own. I guess if black muslims want to revere a black slave dealer who is white with ginger hair as their prophet that is their business.

  3. Sorry these guys are not the five percenters. I just thought they were without looking at the title. They are black hebrews a new group I never heard of.

  4. This isn’t an Islamic thing in any way. I think they are called Black Hebrew Israelites and are now splintered into several groups. These annoying goons used to bellow this mishmash of nonsense in nyc’s times square all the time. They claim to be “the real jews” or nation of Isreal but not in the way that muslims think Islam is the perfection of judaism and christianity. Basically some guy woke up one day and said – “now I’m jewish”, without actually knowing anything at all about judaism.
    – They toss around misspronounced hebrew words and claim they don’t need to learn acutal hebrew because it is “mere yidish”. Charming.

    Because it’s several groups with similar names and varieing degrees of nutiness and asshole-idity it is hard to find specific info. What might be true of one group may not be true of another with an almost identical name. This can be a problem- I read in a newspaper a few years ago one of the groups said in a pamphlet that black men have the moral right to rape white women – but which specific group said that? If you say the wrong group you are open to being sued for libel.

    The most objective sounding info I found on them SEEMS to be this: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080206121750AAxjMc1

  5. This isn’t directly relavant to the video but fascinating – it appears that the original group that was split away from way back when was an actual african american, actual Jewish, Temple in harlem, The Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation, founded in 1919 by a rabbi from Nigeria and is rabbinically recognized. They keep Kosher observe the holidays and speak real hebrew.

    That was from this page about a documentary the commandment keepers. http://thecommandmentkeepers.net/synopsis.htm

    Wikipedia tells a sadder story. There was conflict about leadership after the founder died, there is a conflict over the sale of the building and the congregation has dwindled to just 8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commandment_Keepers

    Links on the wikipedia page tell a happier story.

    This site shows actual black jews. They are a legitimate functioning black jewish congregation. They appear to be just as nerdy as we white jews and not bellowing ex-cons like in the video. http://www.blackjews.org/ not all of the site is funcitoning but the articles are very interesting.

    The nuttiness may have started when Abba Bivens broke away from the original group. It definatly started when he died and his student Arieh took over and added the christian bible and invented a new hebrew language. Then people split from him and so on and so on. But black jewish congregations based upon the original exist too.

    The commandment keepers are actually jewish. The black hebew isrealite groups are a degeneration/perversion several times removed.

  6. jjk999 is correct. The people in question are in fact from the black Hebrew cult. My mistake. He shouted “a lie” and I hears “allah”. there is little that divides these creeps from their counterparts in the Nation of Islam. they are indeed racists.

  7. Judaism would be dangerous if it were an open club? What exactly do you mean by that? And keep in mind the people in this video are not actually jewish.

    Though now that I think of it my uncles used have the EXACT SAME CONVERSATION as the guy in the second video about who was really jewish every single thanksgiving! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that Columbus was really a jew! HA HA HA!!! Shit, maybe these guys really are jewish.

    There are black jewish congregations but the Black Hebrew Isrealites ain’t them. Not by a long shot.

  8. Thank you for the video, we have so many small nutty cults it is hard to keep up with them, cults like this have the potential of being dangerous but very rarely become dangerous. They are racist and are probably gaining recruits given the way the left has dumbed down our educational system.

  9. What hallucinating is that they’re able to hold this kind of public display without being beaten to a pulp by law enforcement.

  10. Fred beating them doesn’t do any good, it just confirms their idea that we are all racist hate mongers. Of course arguing with them doesn’t do any good either since they are obviously a several cards shy a full deck.

  11. Abraham had two children from two woman, Sarah a white woman, the mother of Isaac (from Isaac line there is Jehuda the father of Jews) and Hagar a black African slave who gave birth to Ismael the father of Arab.
    Mohammad is descendant of Ismael. so we can say Mohammad have Black blood as many Arab is mixed between White & “Black African”

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