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4 Replies to “Filip Dewinter in Israel”

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the anti-Islamic political groups around the world would openly join forces and take Islam head-on?

    Between the UKIP, the PVV, Vlaams Belang and other organizations, Europe and the west could be spearheading a new offensive against the oldest criminal gang in the world.

    Oh yes, what if the EDL, FDL, JDL and other citizen-run groups would do the same?

    If Islam can have al-qeda, al-shahabab (or whatever its called), and the OIC< why can't the free world have something similar?

    Just asking, since the UN is hell-bent on destroying itself through the appeasement of Muslim countries on every issue.

  2. RRWest they are starting to get together and try and work out a common strategy, but thinks like this take time. FYI, you aren’t anymore impatient then I am, I just have more years learning to suppress it, in the summer I can go fishing but in the winter it is much harder.

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