Muslims attack Christians with wreckless abandon in Nigeria.

There have been more reports crossing my desk in the past couple of weeks than I have had time to post about Muslims murdering Christians in various ways and places, but for only one reason. The victims are Christian, and the killers are Muslim.

Here is a link to a gateway pundit article about one such slaughter.

Nigerian Muslims Drag Christian Pastor Into Street & Shoot Him Dead – 38 Christians Slaughtered

At least 38 people have been killed since Christmas Eve in attacks across Nigeria, including assaults against two churches.

Please click through to Gateway Pundit for the rest of this.

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8 Replies to “Muslims attack Christians with wreckless abandon in Nigeria.”

  1. The Moslems are on the march all around the world, they are doing things like this in all locations that they control. There are people who are saying that the vote to partition Sudan will bring about peace, they are wrong, the only way to stop the attacks on non Moslems is to fight back and force the Moslems to stop. This mess started in the 7th Century and it won’t stop attacking until either Islam is destroyed or the rest of the world is so strong the Moslems have no chance of winning. The latter is the reason that we had so much peace during the previous 150 years (give or take a few) now that the left has weakened us we are once again facing the Moslem hordes and the threat of forced conversion.

  2. Around 50% of Nigeria is under sharia law.

    Once Nigeria becomes fully Muslim, that will add another notch on OPEC’s pro-Islamic belt.

    When is the west going to admit that this is a full-out world war declared by Islam?

    In every country that Muslims settle, they are demanding more rights than others, protesting democracy, hating non-Muslims, using lawfare gainst opponents, violating human rights, vandalizing cemeteries and religious buildings, admitting to terrorist activities and funding groups like Hamas, Hizbollah and Al-qeda.

    Yet our collective response seem to be that “because its a religion, we don’t want to really interfere with their freedom of religion, for that would be bad”.

    What part of “Islam is not a religion, but a political control system masquerading as a religion” does the free world not understand?

  3. RRWest the last time Islam went on the march the west didn’t react until the Moslems started invading Europe, and it too from roughly 750AD to 1492AD to remove them from the Iberian Peninsula, and I think it was something like 1560 when they were defeated the second time as they tried to capture Vienna. I am not sure how long the Balkans remained under Turkish control but I think it was until the late 1600 or early 1700s. Going by that example the west won’t wake up until the Moslems in Europe start trying to use force to take over the various nations.

  4. I am so worry with all the attacks going on in Nigria I have a Boyfriend in Nigria I pray to Almighty God I can get him and my step child out of this country before it is to late, in God I trust,

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