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3 Replies to “France scores a victory for secularism.”

  1. With luck this will be over turned, people can’t keep letting the Moslems dictate the rules and the outcome, we have to go on the offensive and make them react to us, not us react to them.

  2. Equality, freedom and brotherhood are what the French national motto translates as.

    Islam and Muslims do not want any of these things, claiming that they are superior to the rest of the world in every respect. That is why I do not subscribe to calling Islam a religion, since it is bigoted and discriminates against opponents, women, gays and everyone who values the ethics and mores of the western world.

    This ruling may be one small victory for the French ideals embedded within that motto, but I suspect that Muslim retaliation is not far behind.

    May this be the turning point in France, for the west and the free world.

  3. RR events are saying that things are starting to change, they won’t change as fast as we would like them to, but they are changing.

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