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4 Replies to “Cloth bag falsely accuses police officer of racism, gets 6 months in jail”

  1. This is the best site. You find the best videos. This one, for instance, seems small but is subtly important in that it demonstrates an evolution in people’s awareness about the realities of Islam. It takes time. Just a few short years ago, I believed that all religions shared the same goal but used different methods to get there, and I believed that if you cherry-picked through any religious book, you could find examples of violence, therefore it was unfair to single out Islam. I also used to think that there was plenty of blame to go around in the Israel-Palestine conflict. That’s a lot of being wrong. Then I started reading the Quran, and then I went straight through the ceiling. Maybe that Auzzie magistrate has gone through a similar evolution to my own. Maybe a lot of people are starting to take a look. That’s all it’s going to take. I mean, the Muslim plan is sitting right there in plain view for those who care to look. My God, but it’s evil.

  2. Chris don’t be fooled into thinking that Islam is a religion…it is not

    It is an all encompassing political and religious ideology

    Take a look at the link on the right “The Religion of Peace”

    The problem here is that aside from a few religious nutty breakaway groups, we don’t that the Bible as G-d’s word.

    We know it is a collection of stories written by many people down through the ages.

    Whereas the Koran, is the work of one man. He started out as a peaceful man and one branch of Muslims follow him.

    Somewhere along the way he became a murderer, adulterer & paedophile……..

    And this is the man they worship to the point of obsession

  3. Shirl In Oz Mohammad was a caravan raider when he had his so called religious experience, it came to him as he was hiding in a cave to avoid arrest. He went back home to Mecca and tried to found a peaceful cult but hardly anyone would join, so he left Mecca and started preaching jihad and appealing to the brigands of the world. Most people these days are not familiar with the story and like Chris use to, think that all religions are equal, just as most people think that all cultures are equal. They don’t have enough education in history and some other subjects to understand that not all religions are about seeking redemption and that not all cultures are peaceful.

    Chris it has been said (correctly in my opinion) that Islam is a totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion and that Marxism is a religion masquerading as a political ideology.

  4. Shirl In Oz

    I start most days with a cup of coffee and “The Religion of Peace”. Then I move on to Vlad Tepes. Nice to see you here.

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