House Converted Into Mosque Overnight In Egypt to Prevent Church Services

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From Assyrian News:

(AINA) — In an effort to end any hope of the Coptic Christians using the Church of St. Mary and St. Michaels in Talbiya for prayer services, the Giza Governorate converted overnight a house facing the church into a mosque.

The new so-called “Ekhlass” mosque was converted secretly Thursday evening when a cloth sign was hastily hung outside a 4 story house. It was used on Friday morning, when over 3000 Muslims prayed there, despite the presence of a large mosque on the other side of the bridge, not far from the new mosque. It was reported that the owner of the house, which is still under construction, donated it.

“Of course the new mosque did not have to get a building license, local council or state security permission, as is the case with churches,” said Coptic activist Mark Ebeid.

Due to the minimum distance required by law between a church and a mosque, Copts view this conversion of the house into a new mosque “as a trick on the part of the government to make the completion and use of St. Mary’s Church an impossibility.”

“We are devastated,” said a local Copt. “This church cost the poor people 7 million Egyptian pounds, which we collected by having to go without a lot in our homes, and there comes the governor and state security, angry because we built a dome and destroy it, kill our children, leave others maimed and the rest in prison for a very long time.”

Church building in Egypt is still partly governed by the Haayoni Decree of 1856, when Egypt was under Ottoman rule. After gaining independence in 1922, Egypt abolished all laws except for the Hamayouni Decree, which required the permission of the king or the president to build a church. In addition, in 1934 the Interior Minister, Al-Ezaby Pacha, issued a decree that stipulated 10 conditions that must be met prior to issuance of a presidential decree permitting the construction of a church. The conditions include the requirement that the distance between a church and a mosque be not less than 100 meters and the approval of the neighboring Muslim community. Additional considerations or conditions are the number of Christians in the area and whether or not the proposed church is near the Nile, public utility or a railway.

The new Coptic Church of St. Mary and St. Michael’s, in Talbiya, Giza, was the scene on November 24 of security forces fire and using tear gas on women, children and youth who were present at the church, in order to halt construction of the church and demolish the building (video). The clashes between security and the Copts resulted in the death of three Coptic men from bullet wounds and a four year old child from a tear gas being thrown inside the chapel. More than 79 Copts were wounded, some severely, and 157 people including women and children, were all charged, with premeditated murder of a police officer, assaulting security officers, rioting, theft and destruction of public property (AINA 11-30-2010).

By Mary Abdelmassih

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    How can a year end so perfectly, Christmas and New year are on the way, and we have our final demo of the year, and its not by any means an average arranged demo.

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    Its been a great year, we are moving forward quite rapidly, lets end the year the way we will start 2011, by letting them know, Its our streets!!!

    No surrender
    Guramit Singh

  2. Another day that i am sad that Israel signed a peace treaty with these muslim varmints.

    In fact it was a peace treaty between Israel and Sadat. Tragedy for so many reasons. I blame so many. Dhimmy Carter, Fegin Begin and the media.

    This land could be used for so many things. One being a protected zone for the Copts.

    If I were Bibi I would take it back in a high tech exercise. Doubtful that at any moment, any soldiers’ body parts would be at risk. Israeli soldiers body parts, that is. I cannot say the same for the Egyptian soldiers nor for any Blue Helmet ( UN) soliers. But if they are smart they will drop their weapons as fastas a muslim would drop a porkrib.

  3. Its only a matter of time before this sort of thing happens in the western world, where the pigs of Islam now reside.

    No, pigs are far more tolerant of people than Muslims.

    Time for the hajri to stop and the west revert to the status of a free region of the globe.

    Stop Muslim immigration, NOW!

    And ship the rest back to the deserts where they came from.

  4. If we don’t fight this is coming to our neighborhoods, there can be no retreat because there is no place to retreat to, the entire civilized would is at risk, as is civilization itself. I have no doubt that the West will survive, or that the US will survive, what I do have doubts about is civilization itself surviving in many places. The barbarians will be defeated but in the process a lot of the civilized world will become very barbaric.

  5. This is just another phase in a pogrom against Christians, Jews, and other religions is Muslim countries. The radical Imams and political class are whipping the ‘faithful’ into a violent anti Infidel frenzy. While the Police and Judicial authorities look the other way. I predict and fear the situation will only worsen.

  6. You got that right Big Frank, it will worsen and given the race between the US and the EU to see who can go bankrupt first it is going to get a lot worse. I don’t see how the war or the economic crash can hold off past next July, but I personally thought it was coming around 2005 so my guess on what is coming are usually accurate but my timing is usually way off.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this. I just became aware of your blog and desired to say I have really enjoyed reading your opinions. Any way I’ll be subscribing in your feed and Lets hope you post again soon

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