BBC does hatchet job on EDL’s Tommy Robinson

Here is a 3 minute clip from a 30 minute radio program with Tommy Robinson of the EDL where he ‘debates’ a Muslim. Of course the BBC edited it so as to cast Tommy in as unfavourable a light as possible.

Below the video, links to the actual BBC radio program in its entirety.

Who’s afraid of the EDL Part I

Who’s afraid of the EDL part II

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12 Replies to “BBC does hatchet job on EDL’s Tommy Robinson”

  1. The female managers at the BBC deserve to be raped, beaten and spat on every day. And I am in a good mood.

    I have been following the Beeb for years and they will not stop until they are overtaken through the violent clash that Britian is sleepwalking to.

  2. I have just watched two women being stoned to death on this smiling goon has just told us that this only happened in the 7th cuntury.i did not think they had video cameras int he 7th century.Does this thick idiot not realize “THIS IS ON VIDEO”

  3. I couldn’t listen to more than half of the EDL Part One and then had to switch off. The BBC woman was talking utter bollocks and was not listening to what the members of the EDL were saying, nor doing her own fact-checking.

  4. What are you supposed to do with a guy who just lies like that? It’s so blatant that it goes right over most people’s heads. I mean, nobody would be lying that much, would they? There’s no civil way to respond to a flat out lie, that’s what makes it so effective. The victim just sort of sits there gasping, afraid to reply for fear of looking uncivilized and shrill. Screaming, “Liar, liar!” tends to make you look like an idiot. Just for the record: The stuff that the Muslim guy is saying in the video is not true. He is lying and he knows it.

  5. The BBC and it’s staff are truly lackeys and lapdogs of Islam. They are ‘the enemy within’ the UK and more dangerous than any other enemy, due to the fact that the BBC acts as the ministry of ‘truth and propaganda’.

  6. I snorted when the moslem guy well versed in the art of takiyah said that women are treated equally in islam and there is no stoning of women anymore …. that it was 17th century… not now.
    They sure can lie !!

  7. Remember during the March to Baghdad the Royal Navy sailors formally requested that the BBC be removed from the TV net on the ships because it was so anti-Britain.

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