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7 Replies to “Son of Hamas cheif speaks on Islam as the real problem. Al Jazeera”

  1. If I remember correctly he converted to Christianity several years ago, after the conversion he started helping the US and Israel, that was the point of no return. I also remember several Imams putting death Fatwa’s on him.

  2. This young man is quite clear when expressing his feelings and has used his good knowledge of the Koran to point out the real truth about Islam.

    Ataturk who has been turning in his grave would wholehearthedly agtee with him.

  3. I love this guy. Imagine having him with you every time someone says something dumb about Islam. And I love his perspective. It’s not just about hating the religion or the dogma, it’s about a very personal hatred of the man himself. People just can’t wrap their minds around the idea that Mohammed was a very, very bad man, and that the story of Islam is the story of a violent criminal with no redeeming features. To most people, the idea that the religion of a billion and a half people is nothing but an evil mind-control/murder/Ponzi scheme cult that never went away, is more than they can imagine. I mean, wouldn’t somebody have noticed? This guy reminds me of Wafa Sultan. I sincerely hope that he survives.

  4. Yes he is another Wafa Sultan. Fearless, and telling it straight. No way is any interviewer going to tell a load of lies to this guy. He has seen and heard it all and knows exactly what to say. So many great people are popping up in the anti-jihad movement. Must read his book “Son of Hamas.”

  5. @arabconqueredpersian
    Yeah, both he and Wafa know the drill for the hostile Middle East TV interview, don’t they. Speak in a big strong loud voice and do not be put off by the biased announcer. No time for niceties. Kind of like football with words. Charge!!! I love ’em!

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