Why Are Rich White “Left-Wingers” Megaphones For The Third-World Far Right?

Terry Glavin does what geniuses do. Point out the painfully obvious that everyone else missed. H/T Father Grace

For some long while, what was once a merely subtle pattern has been a thing so predictable you can set your watch by it. In Afghanistan, the “troops out” and “talk to the Taliban” slogans emerged on the crypto-fascist and Islamist far-right. In Canada, these slogans became the default position of the “left,” up to and including the official position of the New Democratic Party. On the Israel-Palestine question, the politics counselled by Hamas and Hezbollah – the politics of the Islamist far-right – now form the basis of “left-wing” activism (most recently, see “Fascists on Campus”, for example).

The pattern repeats itself today in The Guardian, which everyone in the English-speaking world is expected to apprehend as a clarion of proper left-wing analysis. Simon Tisdall writes: “Pakistan was already under the American hammer before the WikiLeaks crisis blew. But leaked US diplomatic cables published by the Guardian show the extraordinary extent to which Pakistan is in danger of becoming a mere satrapy of imperial Washington. The US assault on Pakistani sovereignty, which is how these developments are widely viewed in the country, is multipronged. . .”

Well, no, not unless “widely viewed” is meant as a euphemism for the Guardian view – the “left-wing” view of rich white people, which now precisely echoes and accurately reflects the lumpen view incited by right-wing Pakistani chauvinists.

“There is a deep abyss between the perceptions of the people of Waziristan, the most drone-hit area, and the wider Pakistani society on the other side of the River Indus. For the latter, the US drone attacks on Waziristan are a violation of Pakistani’s sovereignty,” writes Farhat Taj. “I have been discussing the issue of drone attacks with hundreds of people of Waziristan. They see the US drone attacks as their liberators from the clutches of the terrorists into which, they say, their state has wilfully thrown them.”

What do intelligent writers from the Pakistani Left have to say about Tisdall’s “dangerous” Yankee-imperialist incursions on Pakistan’s sovereignty? Azizullah Khan Khetran writes: “We should not heed rightist propaganda and empty slogans. Let the drones hover over the terrorists and terrorise them.” Further: “Civil society in Pakistan is well aware of the fact that the drones are cleansing us of terrorists but sometimes they fail to resist the temptation to speak out against them. This is caused by the extreme right trumpeting warnings of US encroachments on our sovereignty.”

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11 Replies to “Why Are Rich White “Left-Wingers” Megaphones For The Third-World Far Right?”

  1. At least on Pakistani understands what is going on, as far as the left in the West, their default setting is blame the US and oppose the US no matter what. Expecting the left to make sense is asking way too much.

  2. Why Are Rich White “Left-Wingers” Megaphones For The Third-World Far Right?

    Easy. Because they both have a common enemy- the Christian West.

  3. DP111 you got that one right, but you need to add the non Christian West that believes in Western Civilization to the list.

  4. Richard

    Thanks for that. I tried to be succinct.

    Islam hates the West and sees it as Christian, even though the West is primarily secular. The Left sees the West as a civilisation based on Greco-Roman and Christian principles. In shorthand therefore, Christian West summed it.

  5. I will agree with you on that, and in the US about 91% of the population say they are Christian, I suspect that the number of Christians in Europe are higher then reported because some of the nations don’t want to report anyone as Christian unless they belong to a specific Church.

  6. The way I see it is that the west is hated by the left as the fountainhead of capitalism. The left’s mantra: Destroy capitalism. The Muslims hate everyone who is an infidel but the most powerful of all infidels are the Western Countries and of course Isreal (an offshoot of that culture but also a very seminal part of it as well from way back when Moses was parting the red sea etc). The muslim mantra is Death to America and Death to Isreal. So it is the common enemy that brings the leftwing idiots and the racist arab supremacists and their slaves from Pakistan and Iran etc out into the open fresh air for some nasty chanting in London etc. So in the west we have the gruesome spectacle of the left and the right wing racist arab supremacist muslims marching together. The strangest of partners but as Jamie Glazov would say “united in hate.”

  7. arabconqueredpersian we are saying the same thing but you are being much more detailed and articulate then I am. Yes the left hates the West for Capitalism and for winning the Cold War they are partially motivated by a desire to punish the West for winning the Cold War and allowing the crimes of communism to be put on public display. Granted not many people are seeing the evidence but it is out for people to find and read. As far as the left cooperating with the Muslim right, Fascism is a Marxist/leftist philosophy and they got along with the Moslems. Totalitarians of all stripes find common ground to cooperate, at least until the alliance has managed to win their war.

    We are hampered by the way the political spectrum is divided into left and right, personally I hate to call the Moslem fundamentalist far right when the same label is put on the small government conservatives. I don’t know any other method to divide the political spectrum but I wish there was one.

  8. Richard the way we divide the political spectrum and the language we use confuses the issues to such a degree that the first step in any debate with a leftist is to define terms. Proceed slowy with questions such ” What are the conspicuous points of reference with regards to the term right wing fascist that you are addressing when you use that term?” I feel that bogging down the said leftist/ marxist/muslim appeaser in the wonderful world of word definition will allow him to see some of the necessary clarity that he misses by allowing such terms unexamined as they are to guide his thinking. Step two would proceed from the common platform of terms that we have agreed upon. Step two would then finally lead to a conclusion that shines some light on to the inanities of his warped world view. I know it a long and difficult process but I can not really think of any other way in which to proceed with these people. So to summarise: questioning the terms, agreeing on defintions, and finally aiming to hit a valid conclusion based on the proceeding intellectual work.

  9. I agree with you, although when talking to leftists I am always reminded about the old joke about the mule trainer, he said he trained the mules with love and kindness. When ask to demonstarte he took the man out into the corral and walked over to a mule then hit the mule between the eyes with a 2 by 3, the visitor then screamed I thought you used love and kindness? The trainer said yes, but first you have to get their attention.

    Talking with leftists I often want a 2 by 4 and remember that bringing up facts confuses the leftists, they usually don’t know what facts are.

  10. They often do not get facts if you rush them a whole load of facts. They are like children. Small steps with a leftie. A question, a definition and a conclusion. Keep the pattern easily digestible and you can spoon feed even the stupidest of leftie creatures. I actually have done this with a nine eleven inside job type. He knew nothing and had his usual prejudices against America and thought Islam was the religion of peace. He even thought he was some kind of original brave thinker with his ill thought out nonesense. Over a series of weeks I spoon fed him enough information for him to digest slowly and then finally he woke up! So it is slow going with these idiots but it is worth it. Doing it online is a good method I found. I am sure anyone can do it once they put their mind to it. Best of luck. No need for any metal bits at all.

  11. Ok, but I prefer to spend less time so I can fish more, then I can cut my food budget by eating the fish. And given other demands on my time I don’t think I will be able to do it on line, but I hope you can change a lot of minds. I do know that one man who was and for all I know still is one who thinks 9-11 was an inside job is now stating that he is going to vote Republican until the Dems are totally gone.

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