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11 Replies to “UK Documentary on police, the ‘Anti Fascists’ and the EDL”

  1. I can understand why the police moved the EDL out when they did, and I can understand why there was resistance, what surprised me was the way the documentary showed the UAF to be the ones starting the violence and the ones attacking the police. looks like the EDL has more supporters then we thought.

  2. I like the comment about how the EDL moved away because on Inspector with a bull horn told them to but the UAF caused trouble no matter what. Like the poster said hopefully this will open some eyes, looks like the EDL have friends in the police, and with luck some of them are high ranking.

  3. Some points I found interesting- The cops had to arrest waaay more UAF then EDL. The Police knew the EDL would comply peacfully with requests to vacate the area AND that they were different from the National Front and BNP people. They noticed that the Muslim group was actually different from the UAF group, that they intentionally came at a later time (I don’t know why – could anyone enlighten me?) and that they were only interested in violence.

  4. RE: EDL and friends in the police. The issue isn’t that the police are sympathetic to the EDL. They only care about preventing riots and not getting killed. I kept thinking of Captain Vimes in The Night Watch book while watching the cops try to deal with all those “lefties” who claimed to be peace loving yet were hell bent on causing a riot.

    What’s interesting is that we can see that the cops have learned first hand, rather then by watching on TV, which groups are more bent on commiting trouble. On the EDL side it was just a couple idiots (and one guy at the end was obviously drunk) but the other side’s attempts to confront the police were organized and calculated in the most cynical ways.

    Like a great English writer might say: The EDL looks foul but feels fair, while the UAF…

  5. I Just gott add this. As someone who’s been a member of Amnesty International and has protested wars of aggression, these bullshit phony mush head P.H.O.N.Y. librals make me sick to my fucking stomach. WHY WHY WHY are they siding with the most right wing, anti woman, anti homosexual, anti freedom of concience and most imperialistic ideology in the history of the planet? WHU-HYEEEE?

    It’s like it’s the Spanish Civil War and they’re siding with Franco. For fuck sake, can anyone tell me why?

  6. The cops care about more then their paychecks and getting home safe, under the right circumstances the cops will show how much they care and about what. But you are right the cops on the scene who have been to the demonstrations know which group will cause trouble and which will obey orders. They know who is getting the shaft in the press and who is being described correctly. Check out the URL that Yokel put up and see what the cops are thinking.

    The police were doing their job of keeping the peace and were trying to prevent anyone from getting hurt. Would some of them have preferred going in to the UAF with sticks and boots? Yes, will then? Not unless they are under heavy attack. History has shown several ways to make the police riot, and no one on the receiving end has ever enjoyed the result.

  7. They aren’t interested in justice, they want power, power to order people around, power to make everyone live the way the left wants. They don’t believe in freedom, or democracy, or justice, or anything that most people believe in, they want power. I like to say they want to be the Nobles and Royals in a neo feudal society they want to create, if they get their way most of us will be serfs with a few peasants to give the betters the luxuries they require, of course the rest of us will subsist on next to nothing, work hard and die young so they can literally live like Kings.

  8. Loved the yorkshire accents. Do not hear a lot of those nice accents in the deepest south of Blighty where I live. In fact never. Anyway, the police did a superb job. Notice one fact: Most of the arrrests were from the UAF side. They should be called United with Fascism. When the muslims arrived with there arab supremacist, homophobic, peadophile prophet loving, and women suppressing agenda the UAF were locked in with them like old buddies. I ask you who is the most right wing. The so called UAF.

  9. Fascism isn’t right wing, it is a branch of Marxism, the founders of Fascism stated that they were going to create a branch of Marxism that worked. The left proudly claimed the Fascist as part of the left until Hitler attacked the USSR, after that they called the Fascist right wingers. These facts of history are not taught much since most teachers are on the left to one degree or another.

  10. the irony of the situation shouldn’t be lost on people.

    The EDL is trying to stop the spread of a political ideology disguised as a religion and preserve the freedoms that the Allies fought for during WWII.

    The UAF, on the other hand, is doing its utmost to increase multiculturalism and especially the spread of Islam by not recognizing what the EDL is all about.

    The UAF is playing directly into the hands of Islam by attacking the very people who recognize that fascism is embedded within Islam and has been since its inception.

    The Muslim communities in Britainistan are using the UAF to undermine the pro-freedom work of the EDL and are winning the war, it seems.

    May the EDL gain supporters by a thousand-fold. May the freedom-loving, anti-Islamic groups all over the world see the same gains.

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