Austria continues it’s accelerated rush to sharia and dhimmitude.

Stories about the advance of Islam, the complicity of politically correct leftists, and the rush by Western European states to make illegal, its own history traditions and culture in favour of Islamic ones come in too fast for me to blog them all in a timely manner. Often I leave a score of tabs open planning to blog them all, getting a few done, then its the next day and a score of new ones come in.

This one was a tab from yesterday, then my computer needed a reboot, then a reader of Vlad (thank you Tim) sent me a different link to the same story so now I’m going to post this before fifty other things get in the way. The fifty other things will be more horror from around Europe and North America of course and will probably take the form of video.

This story is in the ‘too awful to believe’ category. I sincerely hope that there is more too it. Like the fellow arrested for yodeling was actually in the courtyard of a Catholic order that had taken a vow of silence and it was midnight and the Muslim call to prayer is actually done purely mentally and no one can hear it at all unless you have ESP.

Sadly, I doubt either is the case.

Please click here for the whole story and context:

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3 Replies to “Austria continues it’s accelerated rush to sharia and dhimmitude.”

  1. I heard about this incident, Austria is in bad shape when things like this happen, I really need to think about this longer to post a coherent comment.

  2. You can easily tell a fanatical person by the trivial things they disagree with in other people.

    Muslims are now demanding that people not yodel when they are at “prayer”?

    Just as they demand of the UN that Islam be defended by anti-blasphemy laws. Just as they burn down Christians in Pakistan, massacre Christians in Nigeria, arrest Christians in Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia and other Muslim countries for wearing crosses. Just as they kill Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists in India, Thailand and other countries where the Muslims are in the minority. Just as the alleged descendants of their founder demand billions of dollars in “compensation” for alleged insults to their beliefs. Just as they demand the lives of people who criticize that same ideology.

    Islam is therefore the singularly most fanatical of ideologies.

    Too bad the free world thinks that it is still a religion.

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