Politician demands more police in Muslim areas

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Young immigrants complete an integration course. Photo: DPA

Politician demands more police in Muslim areas

Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Uwe Schünemann on Wednesday said more police were needed in predominately Muslim districts in Germany and Islamists should be banned from using mobile phones and computers to combat terrorism.

    “A mobile and computer ban for Islamist agitators would hinder their communication,” Schünemann told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung

    Speaking ahead of a meeting of German state interior ministers in Hamburg this week, Schünemann also said known Islamists should be forbidden from visiting radical Mosques and problem areas.

    He said state police should be given the authority to monitor the e-mails and telephone calls of such suspects before they had committed a crime.

    Schünemann is likely to find more support for his other initiative for the interior minister conference – ending the deportation of well-integrated young refugees and immigrants.

    “With a unanimous resolution, preliminary protection against deportation could be achieved,” he told the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung.

    His counterpart for the city-state of Bremen, Ulrich Mäurer, a centre-left Social Democrat, also supported such a move.

    Meanwhile federal Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger of the Free Democrats said clear rules on residency for underage immigrants was overdue.

    At the conference on Thursday, the states of Lower Saxony and Hamburg hope to convince other states that well-integrated refugees and immigrants who came to Germany as children deserve residency status.

    Currently these children and teens are dependent on their parents’ visas, regardless of how well they’ve settled in to German society.

    Lower Saxony’s Schünemann vowed to change this.

    “We’re giving the girls and boys affected by this a new chance to stay long-term in Germany if they have honestly tried to gain a foothold in German society,” he said, adding that until their children are grown, their parents must be allowed to remain too.

    According to Schünemann’s plan, a preliminary agreement would protect the young people concerned until federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière could push a new law through parliament.

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    10 Replies to “Politician demands more police in Muslim areas”

    1. This is apt

      Ed D. writes at VFR writes

      Here is a simple thought exercise for liberals and mainstream conservatives:
      1. Freedom
      2. Security
      3. Diversity

      Choose any two of the above.

      You can have diversity and freedom, but you will have no security.
      You can have diversity and security, but you will have no freedom.
      You can have freedom and security, but you will have no diversity.

      What do you value most?


    2. I would say freedom and security with the emphasis on freedom, the liberals would say power, that is what they want the most, they long to be the Royals and Nobles of a neo feudal society. You can see that in their actions when they gain power.

    3. The trick is, what does diversity mean?

      To me, it’s not colour, it’s culture… So I choose to have no diversity in culture… Sure, different flavours of a common culture happen, some are foreign that compliment the common culture, improving the overall commons… But that strong singular common culture bends the newcomer, never the commons…

      What do I win?

    4. Van Grungy I have to agree you have to have one dominate culture that all immigrants assimilate into, if the left hadn’t been busy pushing multiculturalism the Moslems in the US that are pushing for their own culture taking over would be told to get out.

    5. Richard

      If it hadnt been for multiculturalism, Muslims would have been expelled as enemy aliens soon after 9/11.

      The West had a golden opportunity to be rid of these 5th columnists, without any fuss from anyone. Even the Leftists would have been afraid to complain, given the white hot anger in the US. Most Muslims were expecting something of that sort, with many fleeing to Canada or going onto hiding.

      But then along came GWB, and instead of seizing a once in a 1000 year opportunity, declared Islam to be the RELIGION OF PEACE. A bigger lie there never was. The LeftLibs immediately seized on the opportunity, and its been downhill since then. We now have the Chief of Staff of Armed Forces declaring that all one needs to get rid of “radical” Islam is to make young Muslims read the Koran.

      I think nations are best secured when they are based on a common culture. This is a prerequisite to avoid a civil war and makes good sense. Good sense in that people with common culture will willingly cooperate for the common civic good. The more multicultural a society becomes, the less loyalty to the common weal. This then leads to the breakdown of law and order as the police and judiciary have no sense of what is right and wrong.

      We see this in Europe, particularly in Sweden, France, and one must not forget Britain.

      As the number of Muslims increase in the West, the calls by Muslims to have their own state will grow. And when they are not granted that request, they will most certainly respond with violence. It is inevitable. What then? We are heading towards a Bosnia type situation. A civil war is the most dirty of all wars. The victors will most certainly exact a heavy price, as that is the norm in civil wars. A “mushroom” war by comparison, is kind, as it is quick.

    6. Bush acted like the moderate he is, everyone called him a conservative but he was and is a moderate, he was elected because he was the best of a bad lot, hopefully we will get better candidates in 2012.

    7. Well diversity means this: the culture is diverse and yet retains its common unity. You see this say in the wonderful music of say Lois Armstrong and say Bob Dylan. One is black and one is jewish and they both make wonderful music. In the UK not so long ago we had a hilarious sketch programme made by a group of indians called Goodness Gracious Me. It is culturally english with a slight twist and so again we have culteral diversity. I would say that the UK and the States are richer for these creative endeavours. See GGM ‘s Hindi People (Parody of Common People) … check it out on you tube. Check out “beautiful world” by Lous Armstrong on youtube and check out Mr Tambourine man as performed by the Yardbyrds on youtube. After watching them you will see the positive creative side of diversity. I am just trying to positve after all the negative comments.

    8. arabconqueredpersian, you just described the melting pot approach that the US has traditionally taken, but we have insisted that all immigrants do assimilate into the base culture, melt their culture into our culture. This gives us a rich and diverse culture, but we are now facing a culture that insists that all other cultures must die and theirs is the only one allowed. Of the nations conquered by the Moslems, and held by them the only one that has managed to retain part of their culture is Persia/Iran, the other nations have had their culture destroyed. The West has to learn that you can’t have two cultures in one nation and not have conflict, you have to insists that all immigrants assimilate into the base culture. The Moslems have always paid lip service to assimilation when their numbers were smaller, but their real attitude is shown by the honor killings when one of their daughters wants to live like and American and not like an Arab.

    9. I feel it is Indonesia that has retained more of it culture. Iran just has the language which did not become Arabic but the same can be said of a number of countries such as Bangladesh or Pakistan etc. Indonesia is different. The Islam there is mixed with Hinduism or Buddhism. At least fifty percent of Islam is mixed in that way. The government still calls it Islam and that confuses people. I think pure Islam as practised in the Islamic paradices of Iran and Saudi is a whole different ball game. To give an example the national airline of Indonesia is called Garuda. Garuda is a bird associated with Lord Krishna. Now imagine that. The world’s so called most populous muslim nation is happy to have their national airline called after a bird associated with a famous hindu god. Even the Hare Krishna have started a nice farm and temple project and are doing fine in Indonesia. They are more than happy to travel on Garuda airlines as it is liable to make them recount all they know of Garuda from their scriptures. You get the point. It is Indonesia which retains more of its pre islamic heritage than any other country and the government is happy that it does so and activly moves things in that direction and includes that direction in its constitution with no special status for islam. Islam is a religion among the others. Not so in Iran or Saudi. Islam is the state religion and that is that. Full sharia applies and they activley promote their brand of Islam around the world. One last example springs to mind. Since I really like Indonesia and am thinking of going there on holidays I bought a travel book. The first line of the book: Indonesia is not a muslim nation.

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