Ayaan Hirsi Ali slam dunks oponents in IQ2 debate. islam not peace.

A few weeks ago or more, I watched an IQ Squared debate perhaps four times trying to find what I felt was the defining moment in the ABC (I think it was) debate as part of their series, ‘IQ Squared’ where Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Douglas Murray took the negative on the proposition, ‘Islam is a religion of peace’. Below, is the footage I felt best summarized both sides. The positive side read a passage of Koran, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali read the next line of the same verse showing in fact, that the yes side had totally misrepresented it.

The whole debate and some analysis can be seen here:

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  1. A A Hirsi rocks! But the audience is the usual lefty/islamic hand clapping idiots. I wonder if the audience is hand picked. You always seem to get these kinds of audiences in these situations. Anyway, Hirsi gives a classic example of how to deal with that verse so loved by the ruling classes of the Western World.

  2. Was it the audience or canned clapping? The left does resort to that in the televised debates so people at home thing the left has more support then it does.

  3. I think it might be better to talk about violence against female children in Islam to prove that it is not a religion of peace. There are plenty of modern cases of girls being married to old men in Islam. It is state policy in Saudi and Iran to allow girls to be married at the age of nine. Then of course there is MO himself who married a six year old and consummated the marriage at the age of nine (actually it was the latter part of eight years of age) . One is firmer ground with this as it is the policy of two islamic states and there are plenty of new items to talk about. It is extremely emabarassing and muslims usually fly into a rage and get het up every time the word peadophile is used. An italian lady did that on italian tv once and the muslims went ballistic. No loud lefty/muslim clapping only anger that there beloved prophet peodophile was being exposed. Actually, I wish Ali could see that video and just how effective that Italian women was. It took the use of one word to do the trick: peadophile. It is so simple it is inspired. She actually just kept saying the word over and over again and each time the muslim speaker filled with enough rage to make Islamic rage boy envious. The muslims in the audience were mainly quiet or getting up and becoming agitated. So easy.

  4. Check the Muslim girly saying ‘Who are you to say if I’m practicing Islam or not?’ Is it impossible then for a non-Muslim to read Islamic texts and understand them? Can anyone not open a book and understand the words contained therein? That position doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

    However I’m sure Muslims would like to disqualify all filthy non-believers from commenting on their faith, and whether their behaviour is inspired by it. They’d like that.

    Not going to happen though.

  5. The commentator makes a weak point too, when he says that there are Muslims who live peacefully, so how can Islam not be a religion of peace? There were plenty Germans who didn’t join the Nazi party, but that didn’t mean that Nazi-ism was an ideology of peace. Same with Islam, my boy.

  6. A religion of peace for Muslims not Kuffar or non-muslims. This is the point that needs to be made. It certainly is not a a religion of peace for the long suffering Jews of Isreal. It certainly not a religion of peace for the Christians of Iraq. It is certainly not a religon of peace for apostates. There are death threats for apostacy. Not a religion of peace for cartoonists. You get the point. Who is it a religion of peace for. Plenty of people who it is not for and only one group exists that it is a religion of peace for. And that group is the Muslims.

  7. Nick the majority of Germans weren’t Nazi’s and didn’t want to fight WWII, that didn’t stop them from following Hitler down the path of destruction, just as Moslems who don’t want to wage jihad may exist, but that won’t stop them from helping fellow Moslems like the Koran tells them to. The thing the moderator forgets is the hold that religion can have on believers, since most of the West either don’t believe or believe in Christianity lite they refuse to accept that anyone will go out and murder innocent people because their God tells them to.

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