The EU continues to try and destroy nationalism in favour of a soviet like superstate

Make no mistake. The real danger, is men like van Rompuy and ideologues that would see local governance of people vanish and democracy ended in favour of ideologues. The EU is an attempt to create a Soviet Union in Western Europe and has already demonstrated as much totalitarian tendencies as it could get away with or that its power permits.

Men like Rompuy must be exposed, ridiculed and in every way disenfranchised. Leftist ideologues imagine themselves superior to the nation state because nations are imperfect and war happens from time to time. But their vision always means more than mere war. It means attempts at extinctions of whole peoples and for reasons that are always more fiction than fact.

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  1. This effort to destroy nationalism and patriotism is one of the reasons I think we are in the beginnings of a new Dark Age, during Dark Age’s people believe in something more important then their nation. During the last one it was Christianity, this time the left wants us to believe in Marxism.

    Also it was nationalism and patriotism that brought about the enlightenment, are we doomed to suffer until a new enlightenment?

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