In response to the question about what to think of Greece’s announcement that it won’t be able to pay back it’s debt on time, and that Finland is expected to hand over millions to a failing Ireland, Timo Soini, spokesman for the True Finns party, whose party has extended its popularity to + 14% of the vote, responded in a MTV3 interview this morning on Finnish TV: “Did it come as a surprise? No it didn’t.”

He goes on further to add:

“When Greece was discussed earlier, it was clear then that Greece wouldn’t be able to pay back its debt. Now Ireland falls into the same hole, not as deeply, but it won’t survive without outside help. We should distance ourselves from Ireland. When the EU’s constitution was approved, we were told that it would bring jobs, I was there at the time. It was the West’s biggest brainwashing process. Now where are we? We were lied to then, and we’re being lied to now.

All three countries who are in trouble, Greece Portugal and Spain, are all EU monetary (Euro) members, and why, because the EU monetary system is political not about the economy. […] It’s not based on the free market economy nor does it work. The different economies  and their abilities are too different. It was a political decision to make the monetary union, and “political money” doesn’t work.

The interest rates are low in Sweden, in Denmark and in the UK, they are the ones that have their own money. A sensible economic policy should be formulated, whether it be inside or outside the EMU, but the whole time its being spun that there’s only one possibility, a monetary union. Such thinking isn’t possible without a fusion of politics, like finance politics, tax politics etc.. This has been the EU’s aim, towards a federalized European Union. This is a wrong policy.”

The drone MTV3 morning show host: “Why Timo Soini, is it wrong politics, why is harmonizing such a bad idea, a joint Europe, in which the welfare state is spread evenly?!”

Because sovereignty is the most important political value. So that Finns, in their own parliament, can decide all of their own issues. So now that we’ve come into this super state of Europe, we’re just floating along, then the finance minister is once again explaining why it has to be done like this, and then brings it before our parliament, but knowing full well why it was done. Greece should be thrown out of the EMU system, because Greece won’t survive no matter how much money you pump into it.

The only solution is for those countries in an economic crisis, should be returned to their own currencies. They should devalue 30%, and they should gradually climb themselves back into balance. Outside of doing that, nothing else will help.European-wide cooperation is needed, but the federation should be rejected. Only a common economic and free trade area would have a meaningful form of cooperation.

Sounds like good politics to the Tundra Tabloids, and only when other countries begin to take his words seriously, do we have a hope of breaking the EU altogether, because the politicians can’t be trusted not to try and re-invent another evil supra-state, because it’s in their DNA. KGS


  1. The EU and the US are in a race to see which is going bankrupt first, both problems have been brought about by Socialist cultural and economic policies that tax the achievers to give to the non productive. In the US we will have a new Congress that was elected to stop the race into bankruptcy. The big question is can they do it before we default on our bonds, or have to resort to printing even more money. European socialist took what was suppose to be a free trade pact and tried to make it into a super government that would rival the US. They big problem was their lack of understanding of economics and history. The US took a socialist ideal and tried to make it work by ignoring the Constitution, we are now fighting back and it remains to be seen how far back we will go to restore our rights. Some people are pushing for us to return to the time when we considered our states to be our nation, rather then considering the United States to be our nation.

    I don’t want to go back that far, but I do want to go back to when each state was allowed to have its own set of laws (as long as they didn’t go against the Constitution) so we could see which set works best. This idea was stopped by the left because they were afraid that people in the states they controlled would move to the other states to get away from big government.

  2. I hope the sensible EU countries do not extend any bailout to Ireland or any other country. In Ireland the members of the national government are the highest paid in Europe. Most of them have two and three pensions, having worked in some other government job before running for office and being elected. not one of them has agreed to give up the pensions and be satisified with one. They are on a mad scramble to cut everything except their own. Why should the Germans bail us out when in fact will be really bailingout the elite? If the EU does bail us out they will impose European taxes and all the multinationals will go away, causing even greater harm. This is what elites bring to us working stiffs.

  3. I agree with both comments- we will have the same problem in Canada one day, given the trend and yes, the public will have the burden – the civil servants think – of financing their pensions.

    Our politicians have never even suggested to tak any paycuts; our civil servants are overpaidand “work” 37.5 hours a week; no weekends apart from the Border services, where they usually do not rise from their seats.

    I cannot believe that the people of the west can finance these pensions.

    Re:The EU – the silver lining is that the palestinians and UNRWA will have to finance their own guerrilla wars against Israel on their own. No more euros delivered by Javier. Because the euros can not afford it.

    I say that Israel should re-take the Sinai; exploit the oil reserves their and the rare earth elements in the ground.

  4. The EU bureaucrats are going to try and save their Irish counterparts, if they don’t they will have admitted that the EU is a failure. I don’t expect the EU to be survive the next 10 years, but I didn’t expect them to last until 2010.

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