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4 Replies to “Pat Condell on Free Speech and Elisabeth Wolff”

  1. We are in the first decades of a Dark Age, our actions over the next couple of decades will determine if we remain in one or emerge into a new enlightenment. In my pessimistic moments I think the former is what will happen.

    The fact that so many people refuse to take a hard look at Fascism and recognize that it is right only in that it was more conservative them communism shows the power of the big lie. Tell it often enough and loud enough and people will start believing it. I don’t know if it was the Fascist or the communists who developed this technique (the Fascists get credit) but it was one of the two evil ideologies of the left that did.

  2. Pat Condell is brilliant.If this guy was allowed on on UK TV there would be glorious mayhem! This guy must give our multicultural so called politicians nightmares. He says it like it is and ordinary people people respect that.

  3. He and others, the problem is that so much damage has been done to the educational systems in the name of political correctness and the fighting to free Europe will destroy so much and so many that more damage will be done to the nations. The new Dark Age, like the coming war is thanks to the left who has spent so much time and effort to destroy all semblance of patriotism and love of country so they could create their dream of a one world socialist government. The unintended consequence was the raise of militant Islam when they saw their old enemy weakened, they are now working to achieve the command the Mohammad gave them, to force everyone to become a Moslem.

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