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2 Replies to “Elisabeth’s Voice: Fighting for Free Speech in Austria”

  1. Elizabeth is in the same predicament as Geert Wilders; she is fighting for free speech and the right to uncover the truth about Islam.

    Had she said these things about Communists or Nazis, she would never have come to trial. Since Islam is dictating the terms over discussing its tenets, she, like Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Daniel Pipes, to name but a few, are taken to task for their words of warning.

    Yet no-one takes Islam head-on.

    She should win, were the deck not stacked against her.

    The free world is in shambles and the tyrants of Islam know it. And all over the world, Muslims are the willing and able abettors of world tyranny.

    Its a sobering thought to know that everywhere on Earth there are Muslims, either in groups or acting alone, who are plotting to destroy lives and property in the name of their death cult.

    People like Elizabeth and Geert are doing whatever they can legally do to stop them.

    We must take the war against Islam to the next level if the free world is to remain intact.

  2. Not only is the free world in a shambles it is looking like things are going to get worse, the economic and financial experts that correctly predicted the 08 crash are saying round 2 should hit before July 2011. Considering the way that Obama is doing the wrong things to restore the American economy (I don’t think he wants to) they are probably right. What he and others aren’t considering is that when the US economy falls the economy of the rest of the world falls also. We have been a global economy since the 1500’s and the various nations economy and economic future have become closer entwined during the last half of the 20th Century.

    The economic collapse will not only hurt the West but the Middle East also, I don’t know what will happen but hopefully the mess will help Elisabeth maintain her freedom and right to free speech.

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