7 Replies to “Another use for the green bin.”

  1. Anyone who’s been to the mahoundian Middle East knows that those bins are next to useless when it comes to disposing of garbage, since ayrabs seem to love living in a giant pig pen. They only care about keeping their mosques and the interior of their houses clean. Otherwise, they throw crap around everywhere and all the time.

    Two things no one can teach mahoundians is how to use trash cans to throw garbage in and how to use a sidewalk instead of the middle of the road for walking.

  2. Proud Kafir 7908, you are 100% correct, while traveling through Serbia in Aug. 09, I witnessed thousands of Muslim ‘guest workers’ going to Turkey from Western Europe on holiday. Most of them driving luxury cars loaded with goods from the Infidel lands All of the rest stops there were littered with trash everywhere, but the numerous containers provided, were almost empty. Why should they care it’s not their country?

  3. Proud_Kafir7908

    Its the same all over the ME and the Muslim world.

    There is no civic consciousness, and it is one of the main reasons for their backwardness, which again comes from the lack of any regard for the “other” by Mo.

  4. David bullets do go through plastic, I said that would work unless they were being shot at, in which cast they are simply giving the shooters a larger target to shoot at. In point of fact a CO2 powered BB pistol I have will shoot through plastic bottles and would make a big dent in the bins.

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