The other side in the Geert Wilders debate

Here is a rather compelling video clip. This is a plaintiff who I believe, is representing various Muslim organizations in Holland and is suing Geert as well as laying the criminal charges against Mr. Wilders shows his real contempt for all things Dutch here.

As an afterthought, the guy “dancing through the courtroom” reminds me a lot of this moment from Monty Python

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6 Replies to “The other side in the Geert Wilders debate”

  1. Attempt at translation of that clown’s babble around 1:38 :
    “This adage was initially the ‘approach route’ that the aggrieved parties – which I represent – had set out for themselves when they approached the problem Wilders – Nomen est Omen”

    Granted, the guy articulates like he just had his tonsils removed and/or had 2 bottles of whisky.

    (This is what he says in Dutch: “Dit adagium was aanvankelijk de aanvliegroute die de benadeelde partijen, die ik vertegenwoordig, voor zichzelf hadden *gestipuleerd* toe zij het probleem Wilders – Nomen est omen – benaderden.” — It appears that he doesn’t know the meaning of the word *stipulate*…)

  2. The Bulldog Muslim has said far funnier things, i remember in one episode of Paul and Witteman he said so many weird and meaningless semi-intellectual work that even the leftist reporters where unable to take him serious anymore,

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