Oct 19 2010 Muslims attack in 2 nations

Muslims detonated explosives and shot random people at a parliament in Chechnya, as well as are running gun battles in the streets of Yemen.

More on Yemen is here from AFP:

ADEN, Yemen — Yemeni troops are fighting a guerrilla war against Al-Qaeda in southern towns in which they are struggling to come to terms with the hit-and-run tactics of the enemy, a commander said on Tuesday.

“We are engaged in what amounts to a guerrilla war with Al-Qaeda in the streets and neighbourhoods,” the deputy head of security in the Abyan province town of Mudia, Colonel Mohammed al-Khodr, told AFP.

“So far we have not managed to win the battle and are facing difficulties as most of the fighters are drawn from among the towns’ residents,” Khodr said.

“Al-Qaeda militants have been using hit-and-run tactics and infiltrating neighbourhoods of the towns (of Mudia and Loder) from the surrounding mountains to carry out attacks on military posts,” he added.

Tuesday afternoon, fighter jets fired four missiles on Thououba, a near Mudia, witnesses told AFP.

A security official confirmed the raid, with authorities saying alleged Al-Qaeda leader Abdul Monem al-Fahtani is hiding there.

This is the third raid in the past three days against villages located in the same region.

On Sunday, the military launched air strikes against suspected Al-Qaeda positions in the mountains outside Mudia, killing one civilian and wounding two, medical and security sources said.

Since Thursday, at least a dozen people have been killed in violence blamed on Al-Qaeda around the two towns, which have also seen repeated protests in recent months by supporters of the Southern Movement, a coalition of groups seeking autonomy or independence for the region.

On Monday evening, militants wounded three soldiers in an attack on a tanker truck outside Loder, a security source said.

Militants also fired seven shells from the town centre at an army post in a northern neighbourhood, the source said, adding that dozens of civilians were fleeing Loder for the Abyan provincial capital Zinjibar.

The United States has stepped up its military assistance to Yemen, the ancestral homeland of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, in the face of fears that it has become a major base for the network’s operations.

We can now add to this, a STRATFOR report on yet another nation:

Nigeria: Army, Air Force, Police To Coordinate Against Militant Group
October 19, 2010
Nigeria’s army, air force and police will hold joint exercises to prepare to respond to future attacks by Islamist militant group Boko Haram, according to army Chief of Staff Azubuike Ihejirika, Reuters reported Oct. 19. Ihejirika said the air force would deploy helicopter gunships to assist the army and police. Four 100-man units of anti-riot police plus soldiers from Bauchi and Plateau states have been deployed to Maiduguri.

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5 Replies to “Oct 19 2010 Muslims attack in 2 nations”

  1. Although the organization of the attacks are not as readily apparent, don’t forget, Muslims are also burning cars and buildings in France today.

    And, SOMEONE shot at the Pentagon. We have no idea who yet.

    So, three nations, maybe four.

  2. This is a world wide war, and one that we have to win to survive as free men, for this reason we can’t let the Moslems conquer any more nations without our opposing them as hard as we can.

  3. Suggestion for everyone:

    I would suggest saying: “Today, Muslims Islam has”

    “Muslims Islam is also burning cars”

    One important reason define the real threat “Islam” as a political ideology and be consistent.

    “Muslims” sound even to me as just another religion. Those that are not devout Muslims even i believe are not a major threat. But Islam is no question a threat.


  4. The last post didn’t come out as I expected.

    Change ‘Muslim’ with ‘Islam’ is all I am trying to say.

    Islam is the threat and be consistent that Islam is a political ideology more so then a Religion.

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